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“AFTERMATH” author interviews, reviews, & easy holiday order info.

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I would like to thank everyone for such a great response to my new book “AFTERMATH”. This was one wild ride to write, one I will never forget. The book has touched the hearts of many and I am so grateful. The working screenplay is based on both books. Thanks again and happy holiday’s to all, may you have a wonderful Christmas season!


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WOW! This story sure does cover a LOT of topics. Have you ever wondered about……………..

Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, uproarious behind the scenes outdoor travel stories, progressive rock, insane online dating, award winning sex, schizophrenia, foreclosure dating, gourmet BBQ, depression, marlin fishing, red necks, boats sinking, key chain flashlight vibrators, pirates, rum, the Miami International Boat Show, Striper fishing in Tennessee, living on a boat, divorce under 50, marriage over 50, miracles, upside down real-estate investments, Magnolia Trees, why does this shit happen to me, the Lord must HATE me! Celibacy before marriage, getting a bachelors degree and never study, suicide, nympo’s with wigs, award winning Corvettes in Carlisle, the Crack Head Hotel, parking in Miami, stepmothers, Rock fishing, hurricanes on the Outer Banks, planes crashing, being locked in a bathroom, ectopic pregnancy, close up magic, what its like to own a restaurant, what its like to close a restaurant, chocolate stuck to your back, abortion, crabbing, identifying the wrong dead person, the secret about a good tip jar, dating the mafia, gout, drummer Bill Bruford, stumbling on a crime scene, drunk and lost in Key Largo, fishing Key West, how to find your new wife, what to do when you find your new wife, why we men have ladies night, zip code dating, death of a father, filming with a hippie, successful courtship with car rentals, Robert Goulet, getting married on an island in Florida, faith the Christian kind, and not last nor least but certainly the most important….GOD.


Author Angela Burke interviews author Jim Baugh about his latest book “AFTERMATH” the sequel to HOOKED.



Cynthia Lee Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”

Author Lizzy Stevens Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”


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Bill Bruford Autobiograhy. My Review

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This review is from: Bill Bruford The Autobiography (Paperback)
Five Stars by Jim Baugh

For anyone who wants to know what it is like to be a “REAL” working musician, and know the differanct between “Artist” and “Craftsman” This book is for you.

I loved it. All of it. I also thought he ended the book in a very real, and honest way, and in a way the reader can understand why Bill retired. Great book and ending.

I was fortunate enough to have Bill appear on our show, Jim Baugh Outdoors TV some years ago. I spent four days with him and his son, and thought he was the nicest guy I have met, and gave me an inside look at the music biz.

I wrote a autobiography recently about my life, mostly humor, and dedicated a chapter to our time with Bill. I only found out recently that Bill had written a paragraph in his book about his time with our show. I was honored, and quite frankly, knocked out. Totally suprised.

Anyway, the Bruford book is also very well done, great pics, this is a book you will want to keep forever.

A true gem.

Check it out if you have not already.

Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV series
Author, “HOOKED”

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