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Best Smoked Ribs JBBQ

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560027_4906226746543_549028059_n[1]My second novel “COOKED” will feature stories behind the recipes of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV as well as Victorian Station Jim’s BBQ. One of the things we have made famous here at JBBQ is our special smoked ribs. I will post the full recipe in COOKED, but for now here are some tips for making awesome ribs. 

Fist up, we import a special cut of ribs from outside the USA. Yes, the are a St Louie cut, but a large cut, 5 1.4 to be exact. 

Have a local butcher cut your rib fresh, or you can buy spare ribs and do the butchering yourself, it really is not that hard. Once you have your rib butchered, it is time to marinade. All I can tell you now about my marinade rub is that it is a variant of a dry Jerk rub. You can use what you like, but I would google Jerk recipes and come up with your own.

Once the ribs are rubbed, let stand in fridge for 48 hours. I will repeat, 48 hours. 

I use a closed oil barrel drum smoker and that is what you want to use, not an open pit type of smoke. The mix of woods I use is 50% hard wood, 25% fruit woods, and 25% charcoal. 

Next, put three ounces of vinegar in the bottom of a large aluminum pan then place the ribs in the pan. The pan and ribs goes on the smoker this, way the ribs cook in their own juices the entire time. I will flip them after two hours of cookin and smoke for another two hours. 

Use a spray bottle filled with apple cider vinegar to baste the ribs while smoking. You can also put an ounce of Texas Pete in the Vinegar if you like. I do! 

After 4+ hours of total smoking, place ribs in large pan and run juices from the ribs on top of each other. SEAL pan with foil VERY tight. Then place in oven at 250 for an additional two hours. 

Serve with a sweet sauce on the side like a Baby Rays with some sweet cornbread on the side. 

If this seems like a lot of steps and extra wok, well it is. But that is why our ribs taste the way they do. No one else is crazy enough to fuss over them like I do. 

Look for full recipe in “COOKED” the sequel to “HOOKED” coming out soon. 


Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Victoria Station JBBQ

Author of “HOOKED”

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