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“AFTERMATH” author interviews, reviews, & easy holiday order info.

PAPERBACKpromo2booksAll of Jim Baugh’s books are available at Amazon. Just check out the Jim Baugh author page, reviews, easy online ordering, paperback, ebook, and even audio book all just one or two clicks. Usually the paperback even with regular shipping arrives in three days or so. Order early for the holidays. Remember, HOOKED Second Edition is TWO books, only one price. “AFTERMATH” is included with HOOKED in both ebook and paperback. “AFTERMATH” is also available in ebook only. Click link below for order info, reviews, etc.

Jim Baugh Author Central Page on Amazon Click Here

I would like to thank everyone for such a great response to my new book “AFTERMATH”. This was one wild ride to write, one I will never forget. The book has touched the hearts of many and I am so grateful. The working screenplay is based on both books. Thanks again and happy holiday’s to all, may you have a wonderful Christmas season!


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WOW! This story sure does cover a LOT of topics. Have you ever wondered about……………..

Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, uproarious behind the scenes outdoor travel stories, progressive rock, insane online dating, award winning sex, schizophrenia, foreclosure dating, gourmet BBQ, depression, marlin fishing, red necks, boats sinking, key chain flashlight vibrators, pirates, rum, the Miami International Boat Show, Striper fishing in Tennessee, living on a boat, divorce under 50, marriage over 50, miracles, upside down real-estate investments, Magnolia Trees, why does this shit happen to me, the Lord must HATE me! Celibacy before marriage, getting a bachelors degree and never study, suicide, nympo’s with wigs, award winning Corvettes in Carlisle, the Crack Head Hotel, parking in Miami, stepmothers, Rock fishing, hurricanes on the Outer Banks, planes crashing, being locked in a bathroom, ectopic pregnancy, close up magic, what its like to own a restaurant, what its like to close a restaurant, chocolate stuck to your back, abortion, crabbing, identifying the wrong dead person, the secret about a good tip jar, dating the mafia, gout, drummer Bill Bruford, stumbling on a crime scene, drunk and lost in Key Largo, fishing Key West, how to find your new wife, what to do when you find your new wife, why we men have ladies night, zip code dating, death of a father, filming with a hippie, successful courtship with car rentals, Robert Goulet, getting married on an island in Florida, faith the Christian kind, and not last nor least but certainly the most important….GOD.


Author Angela Burke interviews author Jim Baugh about his latest book “AFTERMATH” the sequel to HOOKED.



Cynthia Lee Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”

Author Lizzy Stevens Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”


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“AFTERMATH” top recomended memoir pic by Amazon

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Hi Folks! Exciting news!

Today Amazon sent out their best new Memoir Pics today and we were happy to find my new book “AFTERMATH” at the top of the list, even above Leon Panettas “Worthy Fights”. “AFTERMATH” the sequel to my first novel HOOKED has received all 5 star reviews since its release by Solstice Publishing in late September. Both books are available in Paperback and Ebook (first edition of HOOKED also available in Audiobook) 

“AFTERMATH” is included FREE in the Second Edition release of HOOKED that is now available online (Ebook or Paperback). “AFTERMATH” also is available as a separate ebook as seen here on Amazons top Memoir Pics.

An uproarious and inspirational read for the upcoming holidays!

Good reads, tight lines, and Godspeed.



25th anniversary Jim Baugh Outdoors TV Feature Outer Banks North Carolina and HOOKED update

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Hi Everyone! 


Update from HOOKED central. I am down in Florida on Cedar Key Island for several months writing and filming episodes for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2015 season. While here we will cover the state from Cedar Key to Key West. I am also editing our anniversary specials to air by July 2014. One feature we have completed post production and here is a FIRST LOOK at our Outer Banks show. Click Below



Also I have a heavy writing schedule while in the sunshine state, I will complete the “Aftermath” chapter and other bonus material for the second edition and three year anniversary of HOOKED. On top of that, I am doing my best to get the screenplay completed.

The HOOKED screenplay will include most of the firCOOKEDlogo2st edition of HOOKED, the second edition “Aftermath” as well as stories from my second novel “COOKED” that is not even available yet. I have to complete the screenplay first so that is delaying the release of COOKED for a while longer. 

I am here with my partner Donna Bozza who is an excellent award winning writer and a top editor. You can check out her latest article in May-June issue of Coastal Virginia Magazine Kayaking Karma, which was chosen as a best pic by the magazines editor. Donna will be aiding me with my heavy writing schedule over the summer and it was her idea to work, produce, and write here in Cedar Key for several months. It was a great idea! Donna also is writing for her Coastin’ lifestyle blog and beginning to work on her new novel.DONNA-cvamag-BEST-PICS





More updates on HOOKED second edition soon, look for the release in late August 2014.


Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED


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Note: First edition of HOOKED and Jim’s short story ROXSWELL are available on Amazon. GREAT SUMMER READ!!

HOOKED and ROXSWELL are published by Solstice Publishing














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HOOKED on Cast Iron!

Jim Baugh Outdoors 25th year anniversary and celebrating 30 years of cooking with cast iron!


As you can see Clint knows how to pack some iron. Cast iron goes back hundreds of years and America was founded by pioneers who kept their kitchenware on their backs, horses, and wagons. Back then if you were traveling two things were for sure in your arsenal, Starter or some sort of leavening, and cast iron cookware most

notably skillets and dutch ovens. couwboys

There are many reasons why cast iron was so popular back then and why it is so popular today. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • Even dispersment of heat that last longer while cooking
  • Non stick seasoned surface that really works
  • A go green cooking application, no need for dishwasher or dish detergent
  • Heavy and durable, next to impossible to damage.
  • Versatility in cooking, can be used in a diversity of culinary applications
  • Works on stove top or oven
  • Best tool to brown and caramelize foods
  • Can be used in outside open flame pit fires as well as conventional electric
  • Will not warp at all, providing more contact with heat element and more even cooking
  • Inexpensive
  • No Teflon surface to flake off
  • Health benefits of Iron versus other possible dangerous cooking materials
  • Last many lifetimes       cpans                                                                                                                                 

In my book there are no negatives about using cast iron cookware, plus the fact everything taste better cooked in them. If you have ever had southern fried chicken done properly in a cast iron skillet, you would never fix it any other way again. It is a great tool.

There are some things to consider about cast iron. They are heavy, but then again they heat better and last for ever. A little bit of a trade off but not much. The other is the pan needs to be seasoned and maintained which is extremely simple to do. There are some things that can ruin your pan quickly however as long as you know what they are and abide by a few simple rules you will never have a problem.

Here are my cast iron tips from years of experience cooking with cast iron. I love cooking with cast iron because I learn just a little something more about cooking with cast iron every time I use it. The applications for cast iron skillets just seem to be endless basically because of their extreme diversity.


Here we go. How to season a pan and maintain it.

A well seasoned and maintained cast iron skillet will provide a great non stick surface and take no effort to clean up. Here is how it works for me.

When I first got my skillet over 30 years ago I decided to smoke a turkey on the grill. I had just purchased the pan and it needed seasoning so I used it as a drip pan for the turkey. For eight hours that bird coated that pan like you would not believe. Once finished I just wiped the pan down, then put it in the oven at 350 with a little addition oil. After 30 minutes the pan cooled and rested, I wiped it down with an oiled cloth and put it away.

A good storage trick is to dampen a couple paper towels with oil and lay them inside the pan unfolded. This is what I would do when I was stacking smaller multiple cast iron pans. Do you need to have a smoked turkey drip in your pan for eight hours? No you don’t. Just wipe the pan down good with oil and bake. But if you happen to be doing a turkey anyway… go for it.

Once I start cooking with the skillet I would always finish it off with a coating of oil before storage. And sometimes if I have a little bacon grease I would use that to, especially before I would be cooking. This is not different than what is done at a diner. They throw the bacon on the grill before you get there and coat the grill with grease, then start cooking. That little stainless steel pan at the back of the diner grill is actually bacon grease that is used to coat the grill throughout the day.

So keeping your pan seasoned is important, but extremely easy to do and the more it is seasoned the better it is for flavor and ease of cooking. Now lets move on to clean up. sesonedduck

Ease of clean up depends on how well the pan is seasoned

Do not use steel, metal, or even a scrub brush on your pan. Anything abrasive will take off your seasoning and it usually is not necessary. If you super season your pan you should be able to simply wipe off the pan with a paper towel. If there is anything stuck to the bottom simply place some hot water in the pan and let rest for only a few minutes, then wash with a dish rag, it will come right up. (If what is sticking to the pan is flour based use cold water.) Always dry your pan with a paper towel and then wipe entire skillet with an oiled towel. It is that simple. Things to not do are use dish soap, or put the skillet in the dishwasher. Keeping your pan dry and oiled is a big key to low maintenance ease of use cast iron cookware.

I probably over season my cast iron, but that only makes for a pure non stick surface. Under seasoning is worse than over seasoning. Sometimes if I am not using my skillet (which I always leave on the stove) and walk past it, I will just give it a little love of oil wipe down. Never hurts and I always have a super non stick surface.


Why I love my cast iron skillet so much? Diversity! 

If I only had one piece of cookware to use it without a doubt would be my skillet. Cast Iron skillets are sort of the one stop shop of cookware, you really don’t need much or anything else. Below are just a few of the dishes we have cooked using cast iron skillets most of which recipes are found on Jim’s Galley Blog or Jim’s Coastal Cuisine.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few we love.


Jim Baugh



Americana Found…… at a Hardware Store.


Americana Found…… at a Hardware Store.


Jim Baugh 

I am not sure what struck me about my first exposure to Watsons Hardware Store. Probably strolling by one late salty mist afternoon in the historic Chesapeake bayside town of Cape Charles and seeing about ten or twelve folks all gathered around on the sidewalk rocking comfortably in their favorite rocking chair auspiciously and proudly holding the finest in ice chilled double insulated tumblers. 3chairWhile they were wetting whistles and spinning yarn I noticed that some of the rocking chairs had engraved name plates on them. chipchairThis sidewalk social has enough brain power, muscle, southern charm, and determination to get a president elected, but, only if they wanted to. This hallowed communal community ground is a true American sidewalk. A walk that lands at rest as the afternoon sun dips westward below the burnt orange horizon of the Chesapeake Bay.

This store front sidewalk social group is one of legend with regulars and select invited guest to harbor the celebration of days end. These gentlemen are truly the afternoon protectors of an American tradition and heritage of a bygone era that we only see splinters of today in our modern society. To look through the aged beveled glass windows that stand behind the purveyors of sidewalk Americana was a wonder. To walk through the doors was a journey through a passage of time. A time when political correctness was not even in the English language and the words family, honor, dignity, integrity, and “we are closed on Sundays”, actually meant something.


Welcome, to Watsons Hardware. Americana found. 

Location: The Town of Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

Departing northward from the Elliot’s Creek area by automobile and getting to Cape Charles is a lovely start to this sneak peak in Americana hardware bliss because,

……..This is the Eastern Shore.

Driving at only 25mph in a 40mph posted limit is not because I am wishing to drive like my sweet dearly departed Grandmother affectionately known as “Nanna Baugh”. Even cruising the highway, Nanna never broke 20mph. This gave her time to appreciate the flowers in the median. Something I too learned to appreciate in my later years.granny

My speed reduction while navigating the back roads of the Eastern Shore is for simple reasons like lower speeds make it easier to dodge the bucolic deer that seem to be in endless supply. They are only second in popularity to the wild red and grey foxes, raccoon, geese, and of course the antler hunters who come out in four wheel drive droves to try and find and conquer their catch.

If they only looked by my mailbox, there is 10 of them!

Hunting for Deer on the Eastern Shore should not be called hunting, rather it should be called, “Checking your mail” when you see one at the mailbox, talk nice to it and it will follow you home. Once off the back roads and on 13, I felt a little more comfortable picking the speed up to 55 and getting into Cape Charles without antlers in my windshield. Nanna would be proud.deer

This area is an outdoor enthusiast dream! Kiptopeake State Park, Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge, Barrier Islands galore, migratory flight paths of Zen like nature. But………..

I need a Pizza Pan.

This is what led me eventually to the tribune “esk” ritual of Watsons Hardware in Cape Charles. Yes, it is Friday and Jim is making pizza for pizza night and his lovely Donna does not have a pan that I MUST have in order to do my diligent kitchen duty. No problem, I will just run up to the store and get one. Well, after a brief visit to the “Food Dilemma” grocery store chain where I had about as much luck finding a pizza pan as a profile finding a current photograph, I decided to move on to the next store in the parking lot. Enter, the Dollar General.

We got close! There was a pan, only five bucks, but I wanted round not square so I ventured off to Cape Charles. It was only later I found out that the Eastern Shore in Crisfield was having rash of dollar general robberies. This I could not figure out? If your going to rob a store, would you not rob one that advertised more than a dollar?hattsbt

Finally I arrive in rustic Cape Charles and enter Americana nirvana, Watsons Hardware. Now THIS was a throwback in time.

The cool thing about this old store is not only is it over 100 years old, but the place has just about anything you would need. If they don’t exactly have what you are looking for, they will have something close. Sure enough they had a pot and pan section with plenty of crab steamers. They did not have an array of pizza pans, but they had one. I bought it and was very pleased with the product, price, and the attentive service.


This old store truly, at least in concept, reminded me of what an old trading store use to be like. Think back to the movie “The Outlaw Josie Whales”. Clint rides up to the provision store and the grocery list is pretty interesting. Buckshot, yeast, sulfur, flour, feed, chew, beans, lard, and of course, beef jerky.

A hardware store sells hardware. Watson’s sells what you may need to get threw life, including the wood stove.

I have not been to many hardware places that have a fairly complete bicycle and fishing section. This does make sense considering Cape Charles is located on the Chesapeake Bay and everyone rides bikes everywhere in town. The nearby bike trails and scenery around the marinas is something to see. Sure enough, if your gonna need that wiggle worm or maybe an inner tube, you can conveniently find it in one place. Watson’sfishingsoppluies

Is that a Walmart Cart?


Traversing back towards the center of the store I noticed an opening in the wall of Americana Nirvana. Two open doors that let to a cavernous pickers dream. This area was a cross between a store, yard sale, antique shop, and junk yard. 

A true pickers dream. 


Browsing around I saw just about everything. A 19th century reed pump harmonium with wood pedals that actually worked. Then there was the plastic boat for two and the infamous round malleable blue swimming pool hovering over a stack of chairs.

Then I glanced over and I saw it, a bit confused I had to ask myself,

“Is that a Walmart Cart or a Walnut Cart?

Sure enough there awaits in front of me an entire shopping cart filled with walnuts. Sold by the pound or the cart!


Heading out of pickerland, I went to a different section of this memorable store. How about this for an end cap. Here in one small section is:

Water skis, an axe, a duck decoy, tennis racket, hard hat, minnow bucket and deer antlers. Now THAT is a selection.

Before I left with my prized shimmering Teflon glazed Watsons Hardware Pizza Pan, I had a nice chat with the fellow who was behind the counter. He came out from behind, greeted me in a warm Southern Virginia style and said,

“Hello, my name is Bill Watson, can I help you?”

Certainly out of respect I immediately introduce myself and told Bill I was thinking about writing a little story about his historic family store. Certainly this place was even worthy of Nanna Baugh driving 20mph to get to. I was just so intrigued with the place I wanted him to know that this store had certainly peaked my curiosity.


“That is fine Jim, you know the New York Times once did a piece on this old place and so did Coastal Living! You go right a head and over here is a little bit of history about the building.”


The hardware store and building have been a family business since going way back to the early 1900’s, 1906 I believe. It is fascinating to think of the changes that have occurred during that time. Many changes, yet some things still remain the same. There are countless pictures hanging in the store of customers, family gatherings, and of course the “who caught the biggest fish” picture. All a welcome sight as you pass through the isles of days gone by. boots

There are not a lot of places left like Watson’s Hardware store and it is a true slice of Americana. If you are traveling along Rt. 13 on the Eastern Shore you may want to make a special trip to Cape Charles and check on the monochrome auld lang syne world of yesteryear at Watsons. If you’re coming across the Chesapeake on the Bay Bridge Tunnel or planning a trip to Bay Creek by water, do take the time to plan an excursion to Watsons Hardware. I am sure you will need to pick up something while you are there anyway.

…….Just don’t go on a Sunday.

Gather all yee friends and neighbors!


“Say honey! Hey baby since you are going out this afternoon going shopping and getting your hair done, and seein how I have completed all my chores this morning, I think I’ll gather up the boys for a little yarn spinnin. Catch up on some fishin stories. Think I am gonna call the buds, stop by the libation store, and fetch a bag of clams to steam up on the wood stove. I know Cletus will bring us all some real fat stogies to smoke. So I will catch up with you later dahlin, if you need us we will all be a sittin around the hot stoked burnin stove at the…………….. Home Depot, Isle 11.

Americana Found….


Watsons Hardware, Cape Charles Virginia


Leap of Faith Quit Your Job and Live On A Boat \ Book Review by Jim Baugh

“Leap of Faith” Quit your job and live on a boat

Ed Robinson

Book Review


Jim Baugh


Coming in at 128 pages this work could be considered a novella or a novel but best characterized as a memoir. With so much more subject matter to write about I can only hope Author Ed Robinson treats us with a second book!

This is a true story and one that I can relate to very well. In Ed’s world, he and his lovely wife decided on their dream, sell it all, save, save, save, buy a boat and live on it, and do so in beautiful blue waters. Not a bad idea at all. Ed lays out their financial plan on how to get out of dept and live the freedom life of no worries, except how to keep the boat afloat.

Now, we all have certain expectations of a book before we read it. I figured this memoir would be chocked full of hilarious stories of giant sea faring characters that would keep you in stitches for the entire read. I am happy to say, that this is not one of those reads. It is much more!

To be honest, Ed it the nail on the head so hard in chapter 7, “Dept Free Equals Freedom” and chapter 8, “Save, Save, Save”. I recommend everyone in the USA to buy this book and read it if for nothing else, these two chapters. If you follow Ed’s brilliant advice, your life will be forever changed and all for the better. I can relate to this life strategy because I recently have done similar to what Ed has done. Rid myself of all dept, and not get back into the rat race of keeping up with the Jones. The book clearly lays out how ANYONE can get out of dept and live with forever freedom. This was a great read and think it is awesome that this couple changed their lives so positively by doing just some simple adjustments in how they live their life.

To be honest not everyone’s life dream is to live on a boat. I did it on and off for 10 years. Five of those 10 years I lived aboard full time on a 36 foot Trojan. Living on a boat one certainly does meet a lot of interesting characters, many of which I wrote about in my novel HOOKED. It is an exciting life and yes, one will have a new found appreciation for weather, and a weather radio while living on your floating palace. The truth is that this story is of course interesting however readers should know that if you have no interest in the water at all, you still will find some very valuable lessons from reading these pages.

The underlying theme is about relationships and living dept free. In this case Ed and his wife Kim set a good example of how couples should behave towards each other regarding respect, love, communication and friendship.

I give Ed and Kim five stars for setting out a financial plan that works, working and living together in such a positive way, and faring seas that certainly can rock the boat.

There are some laughs in the book. My favorite was when Ed Realized that in real life, those boats that he was looking at on Yachtworld, don’t look like they do in the pictures. WOW did that one hit home. Photoshop can make over any boat, just like new!

“Leap of Faith” is a memoir that will inspire and educate the reader, even if your life dream is to live in Kansas growing corn.

Available on Amazon.

Tight lines, Fair Seas,


Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author of HOOKED


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