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Outer Banks Avon Pier Fights to Stay Open, NPS Shuts them down.

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Popular private Outer Banks Avon fishing pier fights to stay open, NPS shuts them down today.


Jim Baugh


Recently I read where the fine folks at Avon fishing pier were going to open their business regardless of the Government Shutdown. I certainly thought this to be a pretty brave and spirited thing to do and wanted to find out more about the situation.

Today I spoke with Christian Matthews of the Avon fishing pier and got the lowdown. She said that the pier is privately owned and opened to the public as a business. However it is on federal land. So there is no real way for people to access the pier because they would have to cross federal land to get to a public locality. This same exact issue is happening at other locations around the country. On the Eastern Shore of VA, the wildlife refuge has a very popular public boat ramp and marina heavily utilized by watermen who make their living fishing these waters. However it is located on federal property. So, anyone can see the huge problem that this causes.

Not only are the fine folks who are furloughed not getting a pay check, but the private businesses are getting no business at all. The worst of it is the government may reimburse furloughed employees, but there is no way to pay back the private businesses that lost 100% revenue.

One thing that fuels this fire for the anglers and commercial fisherman is that this time of year is one of the busiest times, especially the fall season on the Outer Banks. As it stands now, this revenue that is lost will not be repaid by our government.

The National Park Service got wind that Avon Pier was going to reopen and as of 5 a.m. this morning they showed up at the pier and made sure it was shut down. They said that if the pier attempts to reopen the fines will start immediately. Hats off to the NPS for not fining them for reopening and instead giving them an initial warning.

Ms Matthews said they are working hard to rectify the situation -however it does not look like anything much can be done.

Certainly this is a huge mess and the entire country is up in arms. Hopefully out of this there could be some legislation written so that in the future if a public business can only be accessed by federal land the business can remain open, or the government can pay back these private businesses for the revenue they lost.

For the moment I hope that all sportsman will very much support these businesses like the Avon pier once things re-open. Helping and supporting them could help make up for lost revenues.

Here is what maybe should happen to all federal politians to help wake them up.


Tight Lines,

Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED





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Leap of Faith Quit Your Job and Live On A Boat \ Book Review by Jim Baugh

“Leap of Faith” Quit your job and live on a boat

Ed Robinson

Book Review


Jim Baugh


Coming in at 128 pages this work could be considered a novella or a novel but best characterized as a memoir. With so much more subject matter to write about I can only hope Author Ed Robinson treats us with a second book!

This is a true story and one that I can relate to very well. In Ed’s world, he and his lovely wife decided on their dream, sell it all, save, save, save, buy a boat and live on it, and do so in beautiful blue waters. Not a bad idea at all. Ed lays out their financial plan on how to get out of dept and live the freedom life of no worries, except how to keep the boat afloat.

Now, we all have certain expectations of a book before we read it. I figured this memoir would be chocked full of hilarious stories of giant sea faring characters that would keep you in stitches for the entire read. I am happy to say, that this is not one of those reads. It is much more!

To be honest, Ed it the nail on the head so hard in chapter 7, “Dept Free Equals Freedom” and chapter 8, “Save, Save, Save”. I recommend everyone in the USA to buy this book and read it if for nothing else, these two chapters. If you follow Ed’s brilliant advice, your life will be forever changed and all for the better. I can relate to this life strategy because I recently have done similar to what Ed has done. Rid myself of all dept, and not get back into the rat race of keeping up with the Jones. The book clearly lays out how ANYONE can get out of dept and live with forever freedom. This was a great read and think it is awesome that this couple changed their lives so positively by doing just some simple adjustments in how they live their life.

To be honest not everyone’s life dream is to live on a boat. I did it on and off for 10 years. Five of those 10 years I lived aboard full time on a 36 foot Trojan. Living on a boat one certainly does meet a lot of interesting characters, many of which I wrote about in my novel HOOKED. It is an exciting life and yes, one will have a new found appreciation for weather, and a weather radio while living on your floating palace. The truth is that this story is of course interesting however readers should know that if you have no interest in the water at all, you still will find some very valuable lessons from reading these pages.

The underlying theme is about relationships and living dept free. In this case Ed and his wife Kim set a good example of how couples should behave towards each other regarding respect, love, communication and friendship.

I give Ed and Kim five stars for setting out a financial plan that works, working and living together in such a positive way, and faring seas that certainly can rock the boat.

There are some laughs in the book. My favorite was when Ed Realized that in real life, those boats that he was looking at on Yachtworld, don’t look like they do in the pictures. WOW did that one hit home. Photoshop can make over any boat, just like new!

“Leap of Faith” is a memoir that will inspire and educate the reader, even if your life dream is to live in Kansas growing corn.

Available on Amazon.

Tight lines, Fair Seas,


Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author of HOOKED


COOKED first promo release “Religious Recipes” Humor. By Jim Baugh

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COOKEDlogo1-1Here it is folks, the first quote I am making public from my second novel “COOKED” This book is full of more of the hilarious behind the scenes stories of filming Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, mostly the cooking segments. The book will be a full novel, with a recipe section at the end of each chapter. Sort of like Nora Ephron but on much stronger steroids. This quote goes out to my friend Author and Playwright, Mark Covington. His humor is equally twisted as mine! 

Title of Chapter: 

“Religious Recipes” 

“I always was happy that the good Lord turned water into wine, but never understood why he did not help out more with some culinary education, after all, a lot of us need help in this area. As a young Christian boy, I often wondered who in the world created the dreaded…………. 

Methodist Sunday Covered Dish Supper? 

I mean really, 50 casserole dishes lined up all with the same floating melted bagged cheese on top, with what ever surprises lay underneath. Seriously, our Methodist culinary knowledge only included recipes that consisted of these three ingredients: 


Pyrex &


The occasional broccoli may have been thrown in for good measure along with some frozen cubed chicken. YUM YUM!! All that cheese! Always wondered why these old ladies did not get stopped up like 5pm LA traffic. 

I understand the good Lord wants and encourages fellowship. However he would have to have SOME opinion about what is in these cholesterol bombs. Do you really think J.C. himself would approve of a covered dish that included such healthy bits of nourishment in one five by ten container?? 

Two cups cheddar cheese, one cup velveta, one cup flour, four teaspoons sugar, Crisco to coat the pan, two sticks melted butter, and two pieces of cauliflower in the bottom of the pan covered by white flour elbow noodles. 

Bake at 350 for an hour, …..then pray there is an afterlife. 

I got to tell ya, at these festivals of gastric casserole delights, if I had the power Id be turning water into wine too. Then order take out!! 

The only thing I did fully understand about these covered dish dinners is why there was always…..


Another five star review HOOKED, Thanks Sandy!

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Sandy Kearney
Hampton VA
Just finished reading Hooked. Great Book!! What a very funny and talented man!! He tells some of his lifes stories from childhood to adulthood. I laughed at his funny stories and was so moved by how his faith would get him through his sad stories. What a life of ups and downs. I am so glad that I read Hooked. I know now, how he became the very talented man that he is today. God Bless you Jim, and keep writing!!!!sandySM2

“Ghost Rider” Rush Drummer Neil Peart, Review by Jim Baugh

ghostrReview of “Ghost Rider”, author Neil Peart

By Jim Baugh 2\15\13 


This is a difficult book for me to review, because there is no way I could ever criticize how a person deals with grief due to the tragic loss of life. In this case Neil Peart suffered a huge loss with the death of both his daughter and his wife- turning his life upside down in a matter of seconds. There was a quote in the book, “The only reason I am not dead is because I am alive”. This pretty well speaks as to Pearts feelings at the time. 

Several things that need to be said up front. This is a good book and one that should be read for many reasons. I am not going to get into the storyline details of the book because Ghost Rider has a lot of truly precious gems in it and I don’t want to spoil the read for anyone. Even for most of us who have never suffered the grief that Peart has, there is a lot of solid lessons to be taken away from this book. Many valuable things that also made some impact on my life. Even a simple thing like buying books and sending them to friends or loved ones. After I read about how regularly Peart did this, I got on line and bought a book and sent it to my son. The title? Ghost Rider. True story. I really did that. 

I am no way going to criticize a story such as Peart’s, how he dealt with his grief is something that only Peart can truly critique and review. What I will do is offer observations about the general story and writing that will not spoil the read. This is of course a five star story all the way, however due to some of the things mentioned below, I gave it a 3.5 mostly due to my opinion on direction, and editing. Make no mistake, this is a book you do want to read. 

Here we go! 

Writing style 

Usually in two pages I can tell if I am going to like a book or not. I can pick up on an author’s abilities pretty darn quick, and tell if it is a read I am going to be able to stick out. Peart had me at page one. That was it. This “little baby sole” has a great talent for NOT overdoing it. A comfortable writing style that is not pretentious and very clear. This is the best talent a writer can have. None of his words breathed ego to me, and this is a man probably worth millions who is also maybe the most popular and famous rock drummer in the world. Bottom line, Peart writes in a clear, concise, with no mumbo jumbo mannor. 

The story and the unreal endurance of a grief stricken man. 

Basically as most of you know, this story is about a long journey, “The Healing Road” from Quebec Canada, to Alaska, down the Pacific North West, down to Mexico and even Belize, all on a motorcycle. The first 200 pages dealt with Pearts travels and what he encounters along the way. This was a FANTASTIC read! I could not get enough. BIG page turner. Simply put, everything about it I liked and so will you. What amazed me was that he actually did this. I mean, the cold, rain, snow, ice, dirt roads, etc, etc for thousands of miles, all on a two wheeler. All I can say is…… more power to him, and I was very impressed with his endurance and capabilities on a bike. It truly was amazing. Peart gets five stars just for attempting this journey. 

Not to give too much away, his journey led him to many places he toured with Rush as a performer. The interesting thing was how his perspective about people and places changed based on pre or post grief. Things that did not bother him before, bothered him now. Especially tourists! Funny but true. It is important to keep in mind as a reader that his view points are coming from a person trying to find a life again. Some of the things he says may at first seem insulting to some,  but remember he was struggling to figure out a way to just live. Find a way. A life. Peart’s way was by constant movement, never stay idle or the memories of lost loved ones would surface hard and be too overwhelming.

Faith, the kind that does not exist in Pearts world. 

To be clear, I am not an evangelist, Minister, guidance counseler, or Boy Scout leader. I am a writer, television producer and chef. But I am also a person of strong faith. A Christian,  who tries to be a better one but finds being human gets in the way more than I would like! There were MANY MANY times in the book I just felt like screaming, “HEY MAN, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO HAVE A LITTLE FAITH DUDE!!!!!!!” I mean really, however if Peart had been a person of Christian faith, he would of never made the motorcycle trip in the first place. Still, in my opinion, Christianity is the healing road. 

There were places in the book where faith did knock on his door, like when he bumped into the Christian Bikers who invited him to join them in a meal, but Peart was no way going for that. I read about his “moment” in the Catholic Church, remembering how is daughter sort of fell in love with the church and what that meant to him. I thought maybe Peart may begin to ponder and look beyond his motorcycle for his healing road, but that did not happen. Don’t get me wrong, freedom of religion and beliefs is fine with me and that is what life is all about. I just felt SO bad for Peart in his grief- stricken state that I wished him more peace and a blessing that did not involve gasoline. 

There may not be a God, but there is a Brutus. 

A good portion of Ghost Rider is based on letters to Pearts best friend Brutus. Brutus was going to travel a lot with Peart during this journey, but landed in jail due to repeated drug trafficking. There were so many letters to him I began to wonder if this was real, or just a writing exorcize. Does he really exist??? Peart made Brutus a part of his story through the letters he wrote while on the road. This was fine, I thought it was a good writing technique for the book, but overdone. I began to dread seeing ANOTHER letter to Brutus. The read would have been more enjoyable had there been less Brutus letters and replaced with narrative. 

How does a five star story, a page turner….. get a 3.5 rating? 

Here is the deal, I loved this story and Peart’s writing style. However, the book had problems that a good editor would have fixed. There were WAY too many letters in the book. Letters it seems to everyone. I can understand that on the Healing Road, but not everyone had to be in the book. The problem with so many letters, it caused redundancy. Same thing said over and over, repetitive, and this really bothered me after a while. 

Being  a very good lyricist, does not necessarily make a great novelist. Peart’s writing style is awesome, but he really suffers in areas of transition and balance in writing. The ending almost didn’t make sense because he offered little to no background or build up and sparse description. I thought his recovery would have been one of the most interesting areas of the book. That wasen’t the case, it  was glanced more like an afterthought in the last chapter. 

It was also very frustrating when it came time to finally get off the motorcycle after months, and visit your closest friends or family like Alex, etc. His passages about these meetings was rather short and not very detailed. His main point was that he was sad after he left them, feeling a void. This I could understand. But MAN!!! After and during this incredible journey, you would think you could write an entire chapter about meeting with your band mates. I just feel there was a lot of potential interesting material there, that Peart chose to ignore. His meetings on the road to me as a reader, was going to be a much anticipated release, but ended up always a let down. There should have been more there to help balance and transition in the story line. 

These are writing skills that are crucial in a book. But then again, this was not an ordinary book, it was a journey down a healing road that did eventually work for Peart. So what can I say? Success is success. 

Peart’s very good side to story editing and balance. 

For me, Peart did a GREAT job by not turning this into a book about being a famous rock and roll musician, or about being rich. There was just enough mention of Rush to tell the story and that was it. The book’s strong suit about is the travel log aspect of it. Peart really shines here. I was intrigued in every place he stopped and enjoyed all the interesting meals and locations. I also liked his take on the different hotels and places he stayed. This kept the story line fresh and moving. Very enjoyable. 


I  liked this five star story, and certainly wish Peart never had the reason to write this in the first place. Tragic is the word that best describes losing both your daughter and your wife all in the same year. To Pearts writing credit, the story line does not over dwell on sadness. There are moments of tears, but the story moves along fast enough that you don’t feel sad reading. I did not find it a depressing read, but rather a very enjoyable one. This is another plus in Peart’s corner as a writer. Tuff balance here to do that with this story line, but he made it work. 

For sure, buy this book. If you remember that Peart’s perspective is from the “Healing Road” then you will not find some of the things in the book offensive. I’m not a politically correct sensitive type, so I found his comments about the different places he went to and the people he met funny. I related well since my taste in humor is a bit on the sarcastic side.  

Is an American, I did not find anything Peart said about Americans offensive. Here is a tip I will give any of you Rush Fans. 

If you happen to see Neil Peart out touring somewhere and you happen to be 300 pounds and wearing tight jeans buckled up just under a hugh bulging belly. Don’t ask Neil for an autograph. You probably won’t get it. 

Thanks for a good read Neil! 

Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author of “HOOKED”

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