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Another 5 star Review HOOKED: “This book has made me laugh out loud, almost shot coffee out of my nose!! I have also cried so hard I couldn’t read anymore and HAD to re-coop!!!”

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5 Stars

By Eva Winters

My first words about Hooked are WOW!
This is a really good read!

A bit about myself:
Being a girl from the East Coast of Virginia, Born in Norfolk, and having the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay as my playground all my life, (Mom told me I could swim before I could walk!) I was always under the impression I had salt water running through my veins! I enjoyed the pleasures of fishing with my father and step father for many years. I thought, (and still know) I was a pretty darned good “Fisherman”. I was crew for an offshore fishing team for years! When I wasn’t out on the water on the weekends, I was watching fishing shows on TV!!!
Yeah I had it bad for a girl!! 🙂

One Day in Downtown Hampton I met this man JIM BAUGH through a mutual friend. He seemed to be a nice guy and we sat and had a short cocktail with him at Marker 20. We met again a few times after that on and off throughout the years down at the piers behind the Raddison.
Recently, he started cooking up some of the best BBQ and Ribs down at an old restored Victorian Tea House In Phoebus. Talk about good eating and some of the best music around! This is one of Hampton’s best kept secrets and some of the best cooking I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting!!. While I was there, he told me about his book, The title was HOOKED and he explained it was about his life and adventures fishing. I was planning on buying that book right then, but he didn’t have any more available with him and told me I could purchase it online. It took me a while, but I finally purchased and began to read.

Oh My God!!!!! This poor man has been thru the mill from childhood and has had many exciting adventures, both in and out of the water all along the East Coast!!!! Producing and running his TV Show, traveling, getting married and having children and the ups and downs that come!! AMAZING! I have to say that King Neptune himself would be proud of what you have done and who you have become Jim! This book has made me laugh out loud, almost shot coffee out of my nose!! I have also cried so hard I couldn’t read anymore and HAD to re-coop!!!
I am glad to have had the chance to read this book and will highly recommend to to everyone. I couldn’t put it down!

See ya Friday evening at the Big Pink!!

Eva Winters.


Thanks Everyone for a Great Easter Week! BIG TIME at the BIG PINK!

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Big week at the Big Pink!!! Thanks to our awesome customers and work crew, great week going on!! Sandy Dahlin, Sweet Baby Casey, Fast Eddy, “JAKE” Miss Karen, Downstairs Debbie, Irene and Jenny, Vaughn &  Suzy, The Wamplers and all their crew, Herbie D and Art the Sax Man!!Happy Easter on Sunday and I look forward to smokin up some Turkey for Easter Sunday, a true day for celebration! Check out my post for some Turkey recipe’s, pretty cool. NOTE: Big Friday night, reservations suggested, gonna be a great show!!

Check out this Turkey recipe, FUN stuff!!



Another five star review HOOKED, Thanks Sandy!

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Sandy Kearney
Hampton VA
Just finished reading Hooked. Great Book!! What a very funny and talented man!! He tells some of his lifes stories from childhood to adulthood. I laughed at his funny stories and was so moved by how his faith would get him through his sad stories. What a life of ups and downs. I am so glad that I read Hooked. I know now, how he became the very talented man that he is today. God Bless you Jim, and keep writing!!!!sandySM2
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