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“AFTERMATH” author interviews, reviews, & easy holiday order info.

PAPERBACKpromo2booksAll of Jim Baugh’s books are available at Amazon. Just check out the Jim Baugh author page, reviews, easy online ordering, paperback, ebook, and even audio book all just one or two clicks. Usually the paperback even with regular shipping arrives in three days or so. Order early for the holidays. Remember, HOOKED Second Edition is TWO books, only one price. “AFTERMATH” is included with HOOKED in both ebook and paperback. “AFTERMATH” is also available in ebook only. Click link below for order info, reviews, etc.

Jim Baugh Author Central Page on Amazon Click Here

I would like to thank everyone for such a great response to my new book “AFTERMATH”. This was one wild ride to write, one I will never forget. The book has touched the hearts of many and I am so grateful. The working screenplay is based on both books. Thanks again and happy holiday’s to all, may you have a wonderful Christmas season!


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WOW! This story sure does cover a LOT of topics. Have you ever wondered about……………..

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Author Angela Burke interviews author Jim Baugh about his latest book “AFTERMATH” the sequel to HOOKED.



Cynthia Lee Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”

Author Lizzy Stevens Inteviews Jim Baugh “AFTERMATH”


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Pre-release review a “6” out of five stars! “Aftermath” new book by Jim Baugh


Coming September 22, 2014 to Amazon and Barnes & Noble

By Solstice Publishing Inc.


janzandersonReview by Author Kathleen Janz-Anderson

“AFTERMATH”  Triennial memoir a solid “6” star out of five!


HOOKED: I had the pleasure of reading Jim Baugh’s memoir and when I heard he was writing a sequel I couldn’t wait to read it. My advice is to begin with HOOKED. You won’t be disappointed because he’s had a fascinating life and has a unique gift for storytelling. From the very first paragraph I was enthralled and did not want to put it down as he recounts his growing up years living a boys dream at the York River marina. From youth and into his adult years his story is an experience you won’t soon forget.

AFTERMATH is what happens after HOOKED. He’s blunt, he’s real, and he isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability. As his first novel was going viral he was about to be homeless with barely enough spare change to take a girl out to dinner. He’s not one to give up without a fight though and through one of his ingenious ideas he had beautiful women lining up for his famous Barbeque at JBBQ and a chance for romance. This brought plenty of business, but as we find out there is only one lady who can hook Mr. Baugh. Yes, he may have been about to loose his home but he wasn’t down and out because he is creative, innovative, and even audacious in a daring but not reckless, sort of way and the excitement never ends. I highly recommend HOOKED & AFTERMATH.  A continuation of Jim Baugh’s fascinating memoir (A solid 6 star)

NOTE: “Aftermath” will be included in the second edition release of “HOOKED” by Jim Baugh published by Solstice Publishing on Sept 22, 2014. Available in paperback and Ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


HOOKED on Cast Iron!

Jim Baugh Outdoors 25th year anniversary and celebrating 30 years of cooking with cast iron!


As you can see Clint knows how to pack some iron. Cast iron goes back hundreds of years and America was founded by pioneers who kept their kitchenware on their backs, horses, and wagons. Back then if you were traveling two things were for sure in your arsenal, Starter or some sort of leavening, and cast iron cookware most

notably skillets and dutch ovens. couwboys

There are many reasons why cast iron was so popular back then and why it is so popular today. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • Even dispersment of heat that last longer while cooking
  • Non stick seasoned surface that really works
  • A go green cooking application, no need for dishwasher or dish detergent
  • Heavy and durable, next to impossible to damage.
  • Versatility in cooking, can be used in a diversity of culinary applications
  • Works on stove top or oven
  • Best tool to brown and caramelize foods
  • Can be used in outside open flame pit fires as well as conventional electric
  • Will not warp at all, providing more contact with heat element and more even cooking
  • Inexpensive
  • No Teflon surface to flake off
  • Health benefits of Iron versus other possible dangerous cooking materials
  • Last many lifetimes       cpans                                                                                                                                 

In my book there are no negatives about using cast iron cookware, plus the fact everything taste better cooked in them. If you have ever had southern fried chicken done properly in a cast iron skillet, you would never fix it any other way again. It is a great tool.

There are some things to consider about cast iron. They are heavy, but then again they heat better and last for ever. A little bit of a trade off but not much. The other is the pan needs to be seasoned and maintained which is extremely simple to do. There are some things that can ruin your pan quickly however as long as you know what they are and abide by a few simple rules you will never have a problem.

Here are my cast iron tips from years of experience cooking with cast iron. I love cooking with cast iron because I learn just a little something more about cooking with cast iron every time I use it. The applications for cast iron skillets just seem to be endless basically because of their extreme diversity.


Here we go. How to season a pan and maintain it.

A well seasoned and maintained cast iron skillet will provide a great non stick surface and take no effort to clean up. Here is how it works for me.

When I first got my skillet over 30 years ago I decided to smoke a turkey on the grill. I had just purchased the pan and it needed seasoning so I used it as a drip pan for the turkey. For eight hours that bird coated that pan like you would not believe. Once finished I just wiped the pan down, then put it in the oven at 350 with a little addition oil. After 30 minutes the pan cooled and rested, I wiped it down with an oiled cloth and put it away.

A good storage trick is to dampen a couple paper towels with oil and lay them inside the pan unfolded. This is what I would do when I was stacking smaller multiple cast iron pans. Do you need to have a smoked turkey drip in your pan for eight hours? No you don’t. Just wipe the pan down good with oil and bake. But if you happen to be doing a turkey anyway… go for it.

Once I start cooking with the skillet I would always finish it off with a coating of oil before storage. And sometimes if I have a little bacon grease I would use that to, especially before I would be cooking. This is not different than what is done at a diner. They throw the bacon on the grill before you get there and coat the grill with grease, then start cooking. That little stainless steel pan at the back of the diner grill is actually bacon grease that is used to coat the grill throughout the day.

So keeping your pan seasoned is important, but extremely easy to do and the more it is seasoned the better it is for flavor and ease of cooking. Now lets move on to clean up. sesonedduck

Ease of clean up depends on how well the pan is seasoned

Do not use steel, metal, or even a scrub brush on your pan. Anything abrasive will take off your seasoning and it usually is not necessary. If you super season your pan you should be able to simply wipe off the pan with a paper towel. If there is anything stuck to the bottom simply place some hot water in the pan and let rest for only a few minutes, then wash with a dish rag, it will come right up. (If what is sticking to the pan is flour based use cold water.) Always dry your pan with a paper towel and then wipe entire skillet with an oiled towel. It is that simple. Things to not do are use dish soap, or put the skillet in the dishwasher. Keeping your pan dry and oiled is a big key to low maintenance ease of use cast iron cookware.

I probably over season my cast iron, but that only makes for a pure non stick surface. Under seasoning is worse than over seasoning. Sometimes if I am not using my skillet (which I always leave on the stove) and walk past it, I will just give it a little love of oil wipe down. Never hurts and I always have a super non stick surface.


Why I love my cast iron skillet so much? Diversity! 

If I only had one piece of cookware to use it without a doubt would be my skillet. Cast Iron skillets are sort of the one stop shop of cookware, you really don’t need much or anything else. Below are just a few of the dishes we have cooked using cast iron skillets most of which recipes are found on Jim’s Galley Blog or Jim’s Coastal Cuisine.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few we love.


Jim Baugh



HOOKED on the Outer Banks by Jim Baugh and Donna Bozza

HOOKED on the Outer Banks


Jim Baugh & Donna Bozza 

Dedicated to Amos, Tina, and Bay-Leigh—merdogs all.   


Jim & Donna heading to Ocracoke Island

It’s a rather incredible time for old JB. While celebrating several anniversaries I found a great way to kick off this party!


2nd Yr Anniversary

We’ve begun filming our 25th year of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV –no barnacles under this bow. This month also marks the second anniversary of the release of my bestselling novel “HOOKED”, the second year and closing of Jim’s BBQ, and my one-year anniversary with sweetheart Donna.


JBO TV Hatteras Landing

In the middle of all this, time and tide wait for no man –I turned 52, and hey, I sold my home too.

No exaggeration. A LOT of change and many a milestone, in this whirlpool called life. I was reflecting on all of this and thinking hard on my next step –it had to be a doozy.  With huge things on the horizon I wanted to do something that would appropriately launch the next 25 years. After all, old fishermen never die we just get a little dinghy.

My plan…..Drag Donna into the car kicking and screaming and head south to Hatteras Village –then Ocracoke Island. Yippee!

As I, many have a love affair with the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


But we differ on where we feel is the best place to savor its seemingly endless, wind-swept beaches and the lure of its wild tides. With forty years of salt-encrusted experience, I’d love to share what floats my boat on OBX .

The Duckers  


A diehard Duck fan basically lives and breathes Duck and feel there’s no life south of their line in the sand. Duck fans, are eternal optimists believing in the ability of a two-lane road to efficiently carry one million cars every 10 minutes. DUCKleavingbusThese are the same people who cherish a week’s vacation with the entire family including all blood relatives on both sides of the marital fence and the ex’s too, least they hit you up for more alimony. For good measure they throw in 3rd cousin Al twice removed, whose pedigree is as clear as the Chesapeake after a nor’easter—but hell that boy can bait a hook and he brings the cornhole!DUCKkids

With so many people on their vacation they have to wear nametags as they pack into a $10,000 per week house the size of Texas, making texting a necessity to find Great Aunt Lucy who was last seen circling the west wing in her walker.  They grocery shop as if they were feeding a cruise ship and wash enough dishes to serve the tenth brigade.

For me, if I check into a vacation house that needs an elevator and a group baby sitter, I have invited too many people. Somehow, this is relaxing?

But- Vive la difference!

Nags Headers 


Then you have your Nags Head Summer Beach Vacationers. I picture these fine folks arriving in their 1960’s station wagon painted lime green with a bumper sticker that shouts, “We are the Griswolds”. Yes, the greater Nags Head area is tourist trap

central—the King Kong-size papier-mâché dinosaurs looming over the golf course is your first clue.JURSAICBIGMK

The beauty of Nags Head is people can drive from all parts of the USA, sit on a crowded beach, and still eat at Outback. Maybe there’s comfort in knowing that even on your beach vacation one can eat at the same restaurant that you can in let’s say, Kansas?

Nirvana: Cape Hatteras National Seashore 

I don’t feel like I am even on the Outer Banks until I take that left onto the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Crossing over the Oregon Inlet Bridge, driving through Pea Island, my stress level drops to zero. Halleluiah! My Outer Banks journey has finally begun.


The sunny sojourn always ends at my favorite place, Hatteras Village and this time –Ocracoke Island. [My sweetheart refers to it as the Island of O. I’ll let y’all figure that one out.]

During the decades that we’ve been filming on the Outer Banks our homeport was usually the Villas of Hatteras Landing. Dangling delightfully at the end of Hatteras Island, it includes the lure of the ferries that whisk away automobiles and their happy occupants to more island adventures on Ocracoke.jbpool

Hatteras Village is just a cool place. Always has been. The beaches are beyond awesome and its surf fishing has been very good to us over the years. Along with its superb fishing its charm is in its laidback, barefoot ambience and friendly people.

Our Hatteras Village fishing success stories for head boats includes the time we filmed and fished the Stormy Petrol and it ended up being one of our best television episodes ever.JIMmackerel During our fall trips, fishing with Captain Tommy Merrill has produced extraordinary King Mackerel fishing and reminds me why I love to do this show.226839_1037256744711_9074_n[2]

Just don’t forget your surf rod. If you park yourself at Hatteras Landing it’s doubtful you’ll go home with an empty cooler on these beaches, especially in the fall.

JBkitchentoastStaying at the Villas of Hatteras Landing is not exactly roughing it. So if you have a First Mate of the female persuasion there will be no whining about bait fish in the bed linens and scales in the shower. The Villas, once a hotel, has expertly been redesigned into attractive and comfy mini-condos. Excellent amenities include multiple flat screen TVs to replay your favorite Jim Baugh Outdoors videos and a small but easy-to-cook-in kitchen. Our show always features cooking segments and we are constantly downloading new recipes on our popular Jim’s Galley Blog. So a good kitchen while on the road is a must.


Least we forget the Villas have a wonderful pool to relax at after a big day fishing. Or as Donna chimes in, it provides the perfect escape for those who want to take a pass on hanging out all day fishing with men.

While staying in Hatteras Village there is just enough to do to keep on-shore explorations fun and stress-free. That’s a “Guyism” for you don’t have to Shop Till You Drop –Amen Brother.BED

Donna and I had a blast visiting the art galleries filled with local and regional artisans. Prices ranged from a pittance –vibrant prints from island artists –and a down payment on a house such as the luminous stingray mobiles, part of the spectacular glass art of Stan Harman found at Sandy Bay Gallery.  [He also has lower priced artwork.] I know this threatens my man card carrying privileges but I was enjoying our excursion so much Donna actually shopped out before me.  The pool and cocktails were calling as was chef JB’s seafood pasta dinner. My girl’s grandfather Pasquale came over on the boat, need I say more?2hatGALLERY1outside

2hatGALLERYbThe magic of Hatteras Island includes discovering new food tips, yes, even while  cocktailing at the Villas pool. We hit it off immediately with a super nice couple from Michigan. Fortuitously he too was Italian and me, well I’m always on the lookout for authentic “Mama’s Boy” recipes. I asked him if he had any secrets for good Sunday “gravy”.

“I use only fresh, home grown tomatoes, that’s the big difference,” he answered.

Okay, no big secret there I thought. But then he hit me with his finishing touch.

“While serving I put grape jelly on top of the sauce.”

Grape jelly???  Was the midwesterner playing with this old Southern boy? But straight faced he stuck to his guns and this odd, secret spaghetti condiment. What do y’all think?

Cooking in the Villas


While I usually get lucky and catch the filets for dinner, when it comes to shrimp and scallops I need a good supplier. I decided to rent a Go Green Zero Carbon Footprint Vehicle, AKA bike, and take the roads less traveled along the beach. Finding awesome fresh seafood took only minutes. Before I even broke a sweat I found Seaside Seafood run by island natives L.B. and Mary Ann Fulcher. An authentic place with everything you need to whip up an excellent island seafood dinner.seastore1

Loaded with shrimp and scallops and remembering my high metabolism girlfriend who requires almost constant feeding, it was time to fire up the Villas’ kitchen.seastoreinside

Here’s a simple recipe. Make a fresh marinara –with superior San Marzano canned tomatoes if you can get them, and set aside. Peel and devein your shrimp and sauté with the scallops in fresh garlic, white wine, onion, and cilantro. Then add a cup of the marinara and simmer. Then pour over some whole wheat pasta. GREAT STUFF!

Other delights I made for my favorite I-Talian included bruschetta with Hatteras tomatoes, also provolone and fresh basil sausage biscuits. A big hit was the Sautéed Grouper [caught here] with parsley and tomato relish and my Steak Ala Villa.

The kitchen had all the necessary equipment to prepare a variety of dishes –with an added bonus.  It’s just the right size for those of us who’ve been around the kitchen a few times and don’t want to contend with “backseat” cooks. You know the ones glued to the Cooking Channel 24-7?  I might watch Tiger Woods play golf on TV but I’m not getting any invitations to the US Open, ya know what I’m sayin’?grouperFINseapastaFIN

If like me you cook on the road a lot, get yourself a Spice Bag to bring along your favorite ingredients. I lost my original so I decided to buy one in Hatteras Village.

Here’s a tip for single guys out there who need a new way to meet women. I discovered this –accidently of course. I went in a Hatteras store and in my usual non-obtrusive JB way announced “shyly” I needed a bag to carry my cooking spices. No sooner did my proclamation make it to the outer reaches of the sizable shop [Donna having quickly bailed] that 3 women came racing to my rescue suggesting bags of every hue and sexual orientation. One didn’t even work for the store.

“Who cleans up when you cook?” she asked.

“I clean up as I go along,” I answered.

“You cook and clean-up?”

Well boys, I tell you I had her practically eating out of my hand. I’m spoken for but take it from old J.B. get yourself a Tommy Bahama JBO TV Spice Man-Bag and flout it!

20130906_180114 (2)

Jim’s Tommy Bahama Portable Spice Accessory with shoulder straps

I stock it with everything from jerk seasoning, garlic, mixed peppers, pasta, and even concentrated tomato and anchovy paste. It made our meals at the Villas extra special as we enjoyed them alfresco on the balcony overlooking the pool and Hatteras Landing. A great place to stay, play and cook.

Dining FUN by the VillasTikiBar

Two newbie restaurants at the Hatteras Landing waterfront caught my attention. The cool Wreck Tiki Bar & Food and a fantastic taco stand Gringo’s Tacos.TikiBar2

The Wreck is a great little Tiki bar that serves up fresh daily specials. Donna enjoyed the  fresh Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Panini and liked that she could walk a few steps and  lunch by the Villas’ pool. No doubt to re-read her favorite novel HOOKED.

I had an excellent Roast Beef and Swiss Panini. They also have live music on Wednesdays during the season.

Gringo’s Tacos was fun and flavorful. They serve up a variety of fresh seafood tacos and also offer beef and chicken. There is plenty of seating in front of the stand to take in the picturesque marina. We had the top notch Shrimp Tacos which had just the right amount of spice kick. To top it off, the black beans and rice were superb and portions were generous.

Both eateries offer truly inexpensive dining with a great view and great food –all at Hatteras Landing.



Hatteras Landing Fun Continued 

The above restaurants are located at the Hatteras Landing complex which is situated just prior to the ferry docks. It’s a rather large facility including shops that cater to your beach and fishing vacation needs. The full service marina and marina store is located towards the end of the complex offering just about any water sport activity you can dream up. Fishing charters and dive boats included. The beauty of the sound location is only rivaled by its bounty. I’ve clammed and fished just outside of the marina’s sound side and always came home with a smile on my face.DONNAdawn

While there a stroll on the wooden walkways located near the entrance of Hatteras Landing takes you through the salt marshes and over the gentle backwaters of the sound. Always loved the hush the breeze makes when playing with marsh grass; between that and the shorebirds its nature’s Mozart. grave

A surprise is tucked back here where history marks this spot with special reverence. A white picket fence surrounds a small family plot. Protected is the final resting place of Captain Steven Barnet and young wife Rebecca who perished tragically at sea in the fall of 1859 when the schooner Mary Lousia wrecked in the breakers of Ocracoke.

Sitting sublimely in the same grove of trees is a stately gazebo. Framed by limbs carved into a graceful arch by years of ocean winds, it’s a place of perfect solitude for an afternoon respite. And who knows, maybe someday just the right setting for a tiny wedding tween an ol’fisherman and his middle-aged mermaid.


Ocracoke Bound


Have to give it to that Edward Teach, he knew where to hang. It’s one of my favorite OBX oases too. Donna and I were excited about hopping the ferry to Ocracoke Island to spend the day. Not much of a drive since the docks are almost in the Hatteras Landing parking lot.



“My legs don’t fit in this car!!!”

The wait if any is short. There are seven ferries with a departure schedule of about every thirty minutes. And miraculously there’s no toll! The ride over is a breeze, hardly feels like the advertised 40 minutes journey. The beautiful scenery of sound and ocean you can also enjoy in the comfortable lounge if you want A.C. The trip was pure joy. And did I mention –it’s free?ferry3

On the way to town Donna wanted to stop and show me the Ocracoke Ponies. Decedents of wild ponies who once survived on their wits, this small herd is now penned and pampered.  Legend has it they swam ashore from shipwrecks and decided to call Ocracoke home –smart move.

Once you arrive rent bikes like we did to get a real feel for this authentic coastal village. We meandered around the sunny streets and pretty Silver Lake Harbor finding tucked away shops and galleries along the way. We cruised by the Ocracoke Lighthouse and chatted with locals and visitors –no strangers here.





Dodging the rain storm with cocktails and shrimp.

The steamed shrimp special was firing off at the Dajio Bar and so were we. Donna and I had some awesome cocktails and feasted on endless shrimp. Even a sudden downpour couldn’t chase us away as we retreated to the open air bar –still getting a little wet, but who cared? It soon passed but we were in for another surprise. My Facebook post about our dining spot inspired a long-lost pal to call the restaurant offering to pay for our shrimp feast. No people have been that happy since Buffett found that cheeseburger in paradise.[Though we are happy to say there are no Mickey D’s or any chain stores here.]



What a blast! Being 24 miles offshore has created the coolest little coastal outpost, akin to the days of Hemmingway’s Key West. Donna and I vow to return to Ocracoke for a longer stay that includes exploring its 16 miles of undeveloped beaches. For like Ernie advised –we always do sober what we said we’d do drunk.





Casey and Ben Baugh

I certainly had time for reflection during this OBX trip. 25 years is a long time to be producing an outdoor show. I’d like to say I had more hair back then, but that would be fibbing. What I do have more of is memories of family and friends that have enjoyed Hatteras Village with me. I remember my kids when they were little making their own memories here fishing and playing on the beach. Boy, the surf fishing adventures we had along the Outer Banks and the many, many exciting offshore escapades we shared with y’all. It all remains like a cherished Monet on my mind.


Driving north out of the village we made a quick stop at the local store for some coffee.

“Where is my buddy?” I asked. “The old black lab that always greeted me at the door?”

The cashier said that Amos had passed away and showed me his picture and dedication on their window. Amos was a beloved pooch in these parts and I admit I choked up a bit. I had put my lab Tina Turner down last fall, and Donna only a few months ago lost her 15-year-old beach pup Bay-Leigh.

Tina was a lovable renegade on our Hatteras Village vacations –chasing gulls on the beach and diving like a mermaid for seashells. Truly part of my memories here included  four legged friends.


Memories are treasures but like the ever shifting sands of the Outer Banks, I’m looking forward to the dynamic changes and blessings that continue to unfold.

It has been a great ride… but it’s not over.

I hope you will join us.

God Bless,

Jim Baugh & Donna Bozza


Bio: Jim Baugh


has been producing the award winning outdoor television program Jim Baugh Outdoors for 25 years. Jim is also author of the Amazon best selling novel, “HOOKED” and is currently writing the HOOKED screenplay. He has written over 200 columns appearing in magazines such as Motor Boating Magazine, the Chesapeake Angler, Virginia Lifestyles and the Nor Easter magazines. Jim Baugh holds a Bachelors of Music degree providing the JBO TV soundtrack and regularly performs progressive rock \ Jazz piano concerts. Jim’s second novel, “COOKED” is to be released fall of 2015. “Jim’s Galley” is one of the most popular recipe blogs on the Internet featuring many unique recipes including his BBQ secrets from Jim’s Baugh B-Q Restaurant.

Bio: Donna Bozza:


Her love affair with words turned professional with 6 years as a journalist with the Eastern Shore News.Followed by a successful career as a freelance writer for regional/national newspapers and magazines covering a broad range of subject matter, she later specialized in regional travel as a contributing writer with Chesapeake Life Magazine. Recognition’s include an International Regional Magazine Award and Virginia Press Association Award. With a detour to Destination Marketing, Donna Bozza   became the first Tourism Director for Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Under her leadership the region held the highest percentage increase in tourism revenue in Virginia and she was recognized with the Rising Star Leadership Award from the Virginia Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau. Recently she made a U-Turn to her first love –writing.

PHOTO CREDITS: Jim Baugh & Donna Bozza


*****Please remember not to trash our beaches, parks and waters. Go -Green, and keep it clean. And for those of us who know the joys of fishing –pass it on. In the immortal words of Frank White the Southern Sportsman, “Do yourself a favor, and take a kid fishing.”

Contact info:

Villas of Hatteras Landing


Blue Pelican Gallery


Sandy Bay Gallery

252- 986-1338

SeaSide Seafood


Hatteras Ferry Terminal


Gringo’s Tacos Hatteras Landing


“The Wreck” Tiki Bar Hatteras Landing


Stormy Petrel 2 Fishing Charter


“HOOKED” the novel by Jim Baugh

Available Amazon



Restaurant Report : Waters Edge Salt Ponds Hampton VA

Posted on

Restaurant Report

By Jim Baugh 

Waters Edge, Salt Ponds Marina Resort, Hampton VA 


The first time I was exposed to Salt Ponds Marina was maybe 13 or 14 years ago. I was pretty blown away by this beautiful place and thought it would be a great place to live one day. Awesome marina and access to the lower Chesapeake Bay, plus swimming pool, full service restaurant and even a Tiki bar with a volleyball pool, and, all on the water. Pretty cool!! Back then we were fortunate to feature a cooking segment for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV and the owner and head chef back then was Tom McDermit. Needless to say it was one of our better segments, the food was fantastic. crab]

Lots of things have changed over the years and one of the new business additions in my world has been Jim’s BBQ at Victorian Station. Here we feature some of the recipes we highlighted on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, mostly our gourmet smoked Jerk style slow cooked JBBQ. twopastacook

I always enjoy talking with our customers, one fan is none other than Chef Rick who cooks at Salt Ponds restaurant called Waters Edge. Rick liked our BBQ so much that they are now carrying it as a summer special that is now available out at the Tiki Bar. When Chef Rick was here at Victorian Station JBBQ last week he was telling me about some of the dished he was making including a delicious Scallop Carbonara. 

I was sold!! I had to head out and try this because I love Scallops and certainly love Carbonara. So I ask Donna if she would like to cruise over and check it out over the weekend. I also invited my partners and friends Chris and Karen Jakeobson to join us. Actually, they had already planned on going Saturday night anyway so it worked out perfect. (Downstairs Debbie of Victorian Station Fame also was there). We had quite the crew there for a while. 

Waters Edge has a lot on the menu, to much for me to really get into in one write up. Basically we were there to just try two dished, the Scallops Carbonara and Rick’s specialty Seafood Mac and Cheese. 


Once we were seated, the service started and it was very good. I then high tailed it back to the kitchen to see what Rick was preparing. There was a lot going on.shrimpcookpasta First up he wanted me to try his Vodka Pasta with sautéed Shrimp. This was a fresh from scratch dish that was made to order and was about as good as it gets. I am not sure how you could make this dish any better. Once cooked we sent it out to my half Italian half German sweetheart Donna for a taste test. She loved it. Ok, good enough for me!!! Approved. 

macmstNext was the seafood mac and cheese that included fresh crabmeat and fresh shrimp, and a lot of each. Although this sounds like a simple dish, it truly is quite involved and requires some skill and good timing. There is also some transferring of food and plates going from pans, to ovens, to broilers, to final prep. This was an excellent dish and one that we had never had. Donna is fortunately naturally thin and can eat high calorie dishes like this, while I on the other hand only had a taste. This is a rich dinner and not exactly diet food. However for a real treat, I highly recommend it. This is also a good dish to split, sort of use it as your pasta, then order some grilled fish on the side would be a GREAT way to go. Nice combo. 



The Carbonara was prepared perfectly and the Scallops were huge!! Everything was made fresh right in the skillet over a gas flame and was a Pancetta based Carbonara. There just was not anything that was not done right with this pasta dish. It was for lack of a better word, perfect! 

While in the kitchen I did see quite a few other dishes going out the door and they all looked good. Seafood pizza, soft shell crabs, and oysters Rockefeller. My friend Chris had the soft shells and raved about them. They were fresh and only lightly seasoned and breaded. They were deep fried which is fairly traditional around here. I much prefer pan sautéed in butter with some herbs, but that is just me. Its all good. 

There was desert, homemade cheesecake that was delicious. I am not much on deserts, but Donna gave it two thumbs up and it was a very nice presentation. 


Well, that’s about it. We tried the two main dishes we went for and they were both excellent. The Vodka pasta with shrimp was a pleasant surprise to try and it also was top shelf. We sat downstairs and enjoyed a wonderful view, good service, and two awesome dinners. The menu was of pretty good size, and we both thought it was worth going back to try some other dishes. If they are as good as the two that we devoured, than this place is gonna be a regular stop on our restaurant adventures. Plus, the view is just amazing! 

Give them a try!!  Waters Edge, Salt Ponds Marina, Hampton VA. 

(757) 864-0336 1 Ivory Gull Cres, Hampton, VA

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Pics from Saturday nights dinner at Waters Edge!


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