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“AFTERMATH” top recomended memoir pic by Amazon

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Hi Folks! Exciting news!

Today Amazon sent out their best new Memoir Pics today and we were happy to find my new book “AFTERMATH” at the top of the list, even above Leon Panettas “Worthy Fights”. “AFTERMATH” the sequel to my first novel HOOKED has received all 5 star reviews since its release by Solstice Publishing in late September. Both books are available in Paperback and Ebook (first edition of HOOKED also available in Audiobook) 

“AFTERMATH” is included FREE in the Second Edition release of HOOKED that is now available online (Ebook or Paperback). “AFTERMATH” also is available as a separate ebook as seen here on Amazons top Memoir Pics.

An uproarious and inspirational read for the upcoming holidays!

Good reads, tight lines, and Godspeed.




We Have Two Winners For Our BBQ Naming Contest!

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Jim’s BBQ Sauce “Whats in a name” competition. 

Well, basically I have needed to change the name of my BBQ sauce for about a year. “Ruthie Red” was named after a wonderful lady I dated for three years who now is happily married to a Chaplin and ministering to the racecar circuit in their RV. God Bless them both. I have been really stuck and not creative at all about renaming it so I went on Facebook and got some help!!!! 

Well, their certainly a lot more creative people out there than me. Thanks everyone for some hilarious names, many of which we could not print. But still the ones we had to choose from were just fantastic. 

We picked two names, one for our hot BBQ sauce, and one for our mild. Here goes the house sauce first. BIGBAUGHREDsauce

And the winner is……… 

Sandy Kearney!!!


The name, “Big Baugh Red” 

Actually her suggestion was Big Red Baugh, however gave me the idea of switching the words around. You see, BIG BAUGH is my father, that is his nick name. I actually thought of naming the sauce after him when I started this thing, but forgot about it. So with this reminder, we honor the Judge, (still working by the way) Judge Baugh now has his own BBQ sauce named after him, try the sauce out, then, “You Be The Judge” 

Next is one I still laugh over. The name of our XXX hot red sauce is appropriately named by Bret Johnstad a Facebook FriendRUTHLESSredbbqsauceBRETbaughsaucefipicjk

“RUTHLESS” with a tag line of, “XXXtra HOT TO GO!! 

Boy, just cant stop chuckling on that one!!. 

Ok you two both win a JBBQ sandwich, just come on in when ever. The BBQ is on the house but the beer will cost 15 bucks. LOL 

Thanks again everyone, this was way fun, and will be included in my second novel, “COOKED” 

Jim Baugh.

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