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February 11, 2016

Hooked –Line and Sinker

Review: Hooked 2nd Edition

Author – Jim Baugh

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Reviewed by: Ralph Peluso, Literary Editor

Zebra Rating – 5 Stripes

Jim Baugh is a unique individual. He is not only the author of the semi-autobiographical book Hooked, but also the host of a long running outdoors TV show. Now, Jim is actively fulling another dream by using his talents to transform Hooked into a screen play.

Generally it takes a while for readers to become invested in a new book by a new author, usually 30 to 40 pages; not with Hooked. In the third line of his introduction I grabbed the bait when he describes a woman he is dating as DC Nympho. While at dinner, he and Miss DCN devise a mid-life crisis comedy game show, ‘Meet My Match Game.’ Right there I sat back and imagined the plot lines. I thought this was the author’s clever bit of sarcasm aimed at today’s guaranteed- can’t miss dating sites. Where even you can find your everlasting soul mate! He took that kernel in a different direction.

He simply tapped into what most of us talk about and never act on; taking pen to paper to create stories from the hundreds of wonderful events that occur in our lives worthy of memorialization. Incredibly Jim composed Hooked in 12 days, while at the same time editing and producing the TV show. He told me he could have otherwise gotten it finished even quicker.

I think most of us can reflect on and associate with the hilarious people and situations in his stories to those we have encountered in our lives. Jim reveals many facets of his interesting life beginning with his early years spent roaming the docks of Gloucester, Virginia. There he fell in love with his long lasting passion fishing. Jim uses pictures to accentuate his journey. I couldn’t figure which of all the photos I liked more. Rather than play favorites, I chose one from each phase of his life: a classic black and white depicting proud young brothers posing with their prized catch, several smallish bass. Then the tease, a pair of female legs in high heeled boots on silk sheets the onset of his mid-life crisis romances. Maybe it was Miss DCN? Closing with a sentimental look back, he uses a solitary and very mature Magnolia tree standing alone, the journey nearing conclusion.

He introduces a never ceasing deluge of characters. The encounters included many familiar scenes played out in our own lives. I am certain many of us have had ‘that’ uncle. You know the one who is the life of the party in all too many ways, the kind who make even grown men blush. The judgmental elder, you know the one always looking for the worst possible side for anything we did. Some of us also have had ‘that’ romance; you know the one we elect not to talk about, except with our closest same gender friends. And of course our passions, in Jim’s case boats, fishing and his wonderful TV show. He has been graced with celebrities making appearances on the show, who knew Robert Goulet was an outdoorsman. He looks way too neat and pressed for that!


He did not close the story there; in Hooked 2nd edition he included a recent addition, Aftermath. This is a three year memoir updating readers on his journey. As many of us do, after all the chaotic and carefree moments, after the heartbreaks and disappointments, we become grounded. We find our counterbalancing partner and sail off to enjoy the sunset years. I will not spoil the ending for you. I will say Jim does all that except for ending up on Cedar Key rather than Key Largo, where he had hoped. ON Cedar Key, he celebrated the 25th production year of Jim Baugh Outdoors. The photos in the Aftermath are fun. After looking at them, I was talking like a pirate and with a yen for BBQ. Thanks Jim!


One of the most captivating elements of the book is Jim’s use of quotation’s to frame each chapter. Benjamin Franklin’s quip says it all. “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.” After reading Hooked 2nd it is clear Jim has accomplished both.

He told me he never had so much fun than writing this book and he is equally enthusiastic about the screen play. I wish him nothing but success.


Review by Author Ed Robinson


edrobinsonLOFAITHIt’s good when anyone can take a humorous look at their own life. Jim Baugh pens a memoir full of quirky characters and life lessons learned. He spends a lifetime first yearning for the “A Dock” of his youth, then reliving it as an adult. Along the way he lets the reader into his heart and soul. I was touched by the way he cares for others (especially women) and how he never forgot what he learned under the old Magnolia tree. He really comes across and an honest and humble man, despite his many talents. Is the DC Nympho still around Jim? I think I’d like to look her up, but only for a few days!


Review by Award winning Author & Playwright

Mark Covington

Hooked is the raucous autobiography that follows the life of Jim Baugh from childhood  through a series of twists and turns, or should I say nautical tacks left and right, to the present as the producer of and director of Outdoors with Jim Baugh, Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times.

The book opens on ‘A’ dock on the ‘rivah’ in Gloucester,Virginia where Jim spent weekends away from his home near Charlottesville. Jim, the son of a prominent judge, spent his youth boating, fishing and crabbing and learning about life around the Chesapeake Bay. According to the Book of Dead, twin sycamores stand at the eastern gate of Heaven. Throughout Jim’s life heaven has been on the eastern shore of Virginia guarded by a majestic old Magnolia tree. The old Magnolia serves as a symbol of life and  as Jim’s touchstone, a broad leafed inspiration Jim taps from time to time to renew his faith. Over the course of the book Jim often returns to ‘A’ dock in his mind to touch base spiritually with the old Magnolia tree which remains a constant reminder of his youth and therapeutic stroll back to the days of ‘A’ dock whenever his soul needs to recharge.

The book chronicles how Jim’s love of magic and music have led him from performing close-up street magic at Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens to producing a world class Outdoors television program. His love of music is woven through the pages of the book through in stories such as Jim as a young man, sneaking into a local church to practice on their piano to forming bands and playing clubs in college and beyond.

The steady stream of hilarious stories in Hooked will keep the reader turning pages in anticipation of the next adventure.  Fishing stories abound from filming sailfish during hurricane conditions to bagging a swimming boar as the catch of the day.  The characters Jim introduces are larger than life; the frolicking Tennessee boat Captain, the Sailboat bum, the pirates of the Norfolk docks all add to the crazy quilt of Jim’s life on the water.  And of course there is a steady stream of beautiful ladies depositing souvenirs in his ‘tip jar’.

From his first kiss on ‘A’ dock, Jim recounts his love of and exploits with women. Jim’s stories of the perilous world of on-line dating are hilarious, touching, and a little scary.  The stories take the reader from his first meeting with the woman that would be his first wife, to dating in post-divorce mid-life.  His computer dating stories feature characters, such as the D.C Nympho, the trailer park psycho and finally Rose, the woman at the end of his cyber rainbow.  In all his adventures Jim has never lost his wonder at the beauty and splendor of women, and he sees each woman that came through his life through those same awestruck, youthful eyes.  This comes through clearly in every story.

As I read this book I felt more like I was sitting in a crab shack overlooking the Chesapeake, picking crabs and drinking beer while an old friend across the brown papered table regaled me with  stories a salty as the rim around a Margarita glass and as lyrical as a well sung as a sea shanty.

Baugh’s is currently at work on his second book – “Cooked” – which in which Jim will surely delight the reader with more of his nautical tales and stories of life on the Chesapeakebut will also showcase   recipes and cooking tips from cooking portions of his outdoors show.  I also understand that Jim has opened a bar and Bar-B-Que restaurant in Hampton, so set sail for Hampton, have some Bar-B-Que and a cold brew and pick up a copy of Hooked.


Mark Covington is the author of two published novels, Bullfish and Heavenly Pleasure. His third novel, 2012 Montezuma’s Revenge is due out in October, 2011 and his fourth novel Homemade Sin is due out in the in December, 2011.  His play, Shakespeare in the Trailer Park will be produced by Richmond Shakespeare in the April, 2012. Mark currently lives inRichmond Virginia’s Museum District where he writes novels exploring the cosmically comical nature of the universe, the purpose of which is to create someone who lives inRichmond,Virginia’s Museum District, and writes novels exploring the cosmically comical nature of the universe.


By Author Dave Diamantes Dead Pen Pals

I usually read mysteries, thrillers and historical fiction. I decided to take a break and read something lighter and more fun. Boy, did I find a fun read! Jim Baugh is a modern day mix of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The son and grandson of prominent Virginia attorneys and judges, I’m surprised that Child Protective Services hasn’t tried to retroactively, put him into foster care– even if he is over 50. At times, I almost forgot I was reading, and felt I was sitting at the kitchen table with Jim over a bottle of Scotch

HOOKED is the irreverent autobiography of Jim Baugh, the host, producer and director of Outdoors with Jim Baugh, Ski East, Classic Fishing. Fishing Virginia and, RV Times. Jim’s outdoor columns have appeared in major national Magazines. Jim grew up in the home of a prominent Charlottesville attorney and judge. He spent weekends on the “rivuh” in Gloucester, Virginia, boating, fishing and crabbing, while the adults were busy with “boats, booze and booty.” 

HOOKED takes you from Jim’s childhood, and escape from his mother’s mental illness through learning to play keyboard instruments and become a magician, to producing and starring in a successful outdoor television series. The cast of characters reads like a comedy. From being caught skinny dipping by the 100 passenger Okracoke Ferry (while trying to pull a splinter out of his girlfriend’s butt), to beings surprised on a first date by his “older woman” date, who was decked out in BDSM gear, Jim kept me laughing.

Jim pulls no punches in the book. He mentioned in an email that he’s ruffled some feathers. Anyone who refers to his stepmother as “THE BITCH FROM HELL,” in all caps has to expect some pushback. Jim takes us from childhood, through fatherhood and his failed marriage, and dating as an adult. I laughed as he described asking his crew “can you swim?” as their boat was sinking, and all they did was shake their heads. His descriptions of a little boy’s reaction to his mother’s bouts of severe mental illness were gut-wrenching. HOOKED is a perfect read for a late season visit to the beach. I had planned on doing just that, but broke down and read it during Hurricane Irene. I’m glad I did.

Dave Diamantes


By Lee Tolliver
The Virginian-Pilot
© July 10, 2011

If you live long enough, you’re bound to have a head full of special memories.

And if you have a knack for sharing them with friends and fishing buddies in an engaging way, it shouldn’t be a surprise when somebody tells you that you should write a book.

Somebody told Jim Baugh and he listened.

His recently released first attempt, titled “Hooked,” is a humorous look at his life and some of the interesting events in it.

From his childhood growing up in Gloucester, to married life, producing an outdoors television show, divorce, travels and middle-aged Internet dating, Baugh has either done it or seen it.

His funny and often risque stories are the kind of tales many can relate to.

“It’s all true,” said Baugh, a 49-year-old Hampton resident. “I’ve changed a few names and places to protect people … like myself. But it’s all true.”

While Baugh’s life always has centered around the water and angling, the book surprisingly has little to do with fishing. The sport that has provided him with nearly 30 years of TV show broadcasting and magazine column writing does, however, serve as a constant backdrop for his memories.

“There’s a lot of looks behind the scenes of filming the show,” he said. “Crazy stuff that you can’t make up.”

The book was born over cocktails with a woman he met on the Internet. At first, his idea was to create a game show.

A few more cocktails with his date and that notion turned into an idea for a play.

Then an old friend took that idea and set him on what he calls “the right path to writing a book.”

“Growing up around the docks, there are such characters,” said Baugh, who produces “Jim Baugh Outdoors.” “And the things that went on while filming the show were hilarious.

“And (the book) explores the solemn drama of dealing with divorce, death and mental illness. And despite some of the content, it’s also a book about faith.”

Once he knew what he was going to do with all those stories, Baugh sat down and wrote the book in 12 days.

“Learning how to get it published, editing and publicizing it … now that’s a different story,” he said. “It’s pretty bizarre out there and there are a lot of scammers that will try to take advantage of you.

“I’ve learned a lot. Writing the book was the easiest part.”

Baugh’s publishing deal involves a second book – “Cooked” – which will feature similar stories that revolve around recipes from cooking portions of his outdoors show.

“Hooked and cooked,” he said with a laugh. “I think the second one is a phenomenal idea, and hopefully the success of the first book will carry people into the second one.”

Lee Tolliver, (757) 222-5844,  Copyright (c) 2011, The Virginian-Pilot/ Reprinted with permission.”


By Jay Strafford

Books and Authors Section Sunday, Aug. 14th, 2011

Jim Baugh is well-known to Virginians (and to many Americans) as a consummate outdoorsman. His television series, “Jim Baugh Outdoors TV,” has been in syndication since 1989.

Now, in the spirit of “write what you know,” Baugh has published an uproarious novel based (and not so loosely) on his life. “Hooked” (326 pages, Solstice Publishing, $19.99) relates the adventures and misadventures that occur during the filming of an outdoors show, as well as in computer dating.

Baugh has been producing national and regional television shows for 25 years and has written more than 300 columns for numerous magazines during the past 20 years. He also writes and manages three blogs and the JBO TV main website.

Baugh lives on the Hampton River and is owner of Jim Baugh Productions Inc. He still produces Jim Baugh Outdoors TV and works in association with other producers as well.

Born in Norfolk in 1961, he moved to the Richmond area in 1963 and lived here until relocating to Hampton in 2008. He’s a graduate of J.R. Tucker High School and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jay Strafford, Richmond Times Dispatch Newspaper


by  Author, Joe Jackson,

 Five time Pulitzer Prize Nominee

“For anyone who’s ever watched a favorite outdoors show and wondered what it would be like to seek one’s fortune fishing or hunting, Hooked is a revelation. The life is everything one dreams – only crazier. Jim Baugh’s account of the boat world – and of the men and women attracted to it – reads like a guidebook to a parallel universe.

As a former Floridian, I was aware of some of this craziness, but not what it meant to be carried along in the stream 24/7.  In Baugh’s world, fishing and life are inextricably one and the same. I was immediately hooked by his adventures and misadventures.”

Joe Jackson

Review by author Frank Allen Rogers

Hooked on a Book

Some books are meant to be read just the way they’re written, not doctored or varnished. In Hooked, you know this tale is told by its author, not by an editor. TV personality Jim Baugh cranks up the engine of the story and runs it full throttle from start to finish. Though many events take place on the water, nothing is below the surface for the reader. The humor, personal struggles, night life, tragedy, and triumph are wide open. You’ll come away knowing the real man—the crazy, fun-loving, big-hearted show host—with this fresh and honest look at life from the other side of the camera. Bold, raw, revealing, happy, sad, and hilarious come to mind because this story is all of those – and more. Get ready to laugh, shake your head, shed a tear, and laugh again. Get hooked.

Hooked by Jim Baugh; Review by James L. Hatch

The Substitute

 I rarely read autobiographies, but this one “hooked” me from the beginning, like getting insight into a life that might have been fun to live, even though it was punctuated with pain. I have to admit that I wondered whether the book was fiction, as claimed by Solstice Publishing at the beginning, or Jim Baugh’s actual autobiography. The author claims the stories are based on real-life events, so I assume the latter with a few embellishments. If that’s true, then Jim Baugh lived an interesting life from the time he was a boy until he reached middle-age. I have only known Jim Baugh through the Internet for a few years, but I hope the rest of his life is as full and eventually rewarding as fate left him at the conclusion of Hooked.
Jim’s idyllic childhood consisted of fishing and crabbing in the area around the York River Yacht Haven “A” dock. His experiences reminded me a lot of a modern adventure of Huck Finn. I could almost feel the warm sun on my face and smell the salt air as the boys swam and cooked up their catch while their fathers guzzled booze, grilled mammoth steaks and had a good time. Even the description of his encounter with the fifteen-year-old cougar who gave him his first kiss was endearing. The stories brought back memories of my own youth near Muckilteo, WA, catching crab, fishing and steaming rock cod wrapped in wet newspaper in an open fire pit. I also truly understood Jim’s comment about all the womanizing at the marina when he was young: “If it was not a boat, a crab, foosball table or a pizza, I was not that interested.”
A beautiful Magnolia tree graced the center of the marina where Jim’s fondest memories took root. That was where Sunday services were held, and those services became the source of faith and strength that Jim called on throughout his life. He would need it. The docks were an escape from his mother’s schizophrenia at home. Despite her bouts with demons, Jim’s mom was a renowned opera singer and the source of Jim’s musical talent. He began playing piano and organ at eight years old, and never stopped. About the same age, he also became interested in close-up magic tricks. Music and magic would see him through most of his life and, of course, the faith he came to know under the Magnolia tree.
His father divorced his mother, and later married “the bitch from hell.” As Jim puts it, his stepmother was an ugly beast, an unearthly demonic woman drug from a poisoned shallow grave. And that’s when his life changed for the worse. From that point on, Jim’s life moved further emotionally and farther in distance from “A” dock, the only life he really wanted. His story is one of struggle, disappointment and triumph as he married, raised two children and then divorced. His tales of mid-life dating are comical and sometimes vicariously exciting, but his trials eventually lead him to peace with himself and his situation.

I loved reading Hooked. It made me laugh out loud many times, and I found the straight-up presentation as fascinating as a long talk with my favorite bar tender in a cozy little tavern. The story line is definitely five-star. However, there is a down side to talking with your bar tender – grammar and editing can suffer. I had trouble with that because this story could have been sparkling clean. Therefore, overall, I rate this novel with 4.5 stars. English teachers and grammarians will grimace, but casual readers will relish the story and the characters. Hooked is darn fine read.


Author, Dr. C. Jacobson

Last Saturday I ended what I thought was a complete and wonderful day.  7 in the evening I cracked open ‘Hooked’.  I couldn’t pull myself away from it and after a quick sleep, finished it just before noon Sunday morning.  In case you can’t imagine what to expect from a guy who created his own fishing show, shared the stage with some of the music world greats, was chef in a 5-star restaurant and does world-class magic – you need to read this book and find out!

Dr. C. Jacobson, co-author “Achieving Interoperability for Critical IT and Communication Systems”; Owner, Victorian Station in Old Phoebus Virginia



Review Written by
Kathleen Anderson, Idaho.

(Writer Author of September Wind)


This review is from: Hooked: Based on the story of Jim Baugh Outdoors (Paperback)

What boy wouldn’t want to spend week-ends living on a boat on the New York river, swimming, catching crabs and boating, and then at the end of the day, have every imaginable type of entertainment within walking distance?

While looking for books to read, and review, I did my usual, and after reading the first page of Hooked, I was hooked. As I read on, I found out there was much more to this story than the adventures at the York River, and Sara Creek marinas.

Jim’s father was a health judge and attorney during the week. But once the week-end rolled around it was another life for him and is sons. Even I was disappointed when this part of his life ended.

Yet, Jim goes on to tell of his life surrounded by the most interesting characters you could ever imagine. His antidotes, are funny, stunning, and some just unbelievable. He details much of his life, his first job as a magician/piano teacher (tutor), then various jobs working for television in some form, and then on to his own fishing show, which turned out to be much more. You wouldn’t think that filming off a fishing boat for his shows would be, that, entertaining, but then you haven’t been on a shoot with Jim Baugh.

Jim seems to have a natural talent for making good out of bad, although there was one person in particular who really took him for a spin. You’ll have to read it to believe it. There are a number of nail-biting incidents when you wonder how he will ever survive.

He gets very blunt a time or two enough to where I had to clear my throat and tell myself that he was just telling it like it was. He was single during this period, and I guess leaving out those high-falooting times would’ve cut into his story.

Some of his stories may drop your jaw while others will make you laugh. Whatever the case, Jim has a tremendous gift for storyteller.

Kathleen Anderson

Five Stars!

Musician, magician, fisherman!  Hooked by Jim Baugh is part biography but mostly an amazing life story full of Marlin fishing, the ups and downs of love and loss, and a whole host of funny amazing characters.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how this guy is still alive!  A delightfully fun and funny book! 

~Josiah Bildner, narrator

PS: Again thanks for the opportunity to tell such an amazing story!
Review by Donna Bozza. Director Eastern Shore’s Own Art Center.
(Paperback) Amazon

“Hooked” could have easily fallen victim to the frat boy trap of raunchy humor–it is damn funny even for us sorority chicks, but Baugh keeps it real with many poignant moments.

From the very first pages the reader is roped into the life of Jimmy, a sweet Southern boy whose world is a jolting juxtaposition between a dream-like Huck Finn childhood, and the nightmare of mental illness that robs him of any resemblance of a nurturing mother figure. Adding to the drama is the recognition that this was the era when there was little understanding and even less treatment for the mentally ill. Things don’t improve when his well-meaning father marries THE BITCH FROM HELL.
Faith, the genuine kind, is the common thread through the storyline, the lifeline that keeps the boy afloat through some formidable challenges. Be it the weekend escapes offered by the engaging cast of characters at Dock A, an uncanny talent for music–piano keys were Jim’s yellow brick road, and a father’s love that makes up for much.
When a happy marriage and two great kids follow one thinks our now successful outdoor television program producer dodges the preverbal dysfunctional bullet. That is not to say his stints as a magician and car stereo salesmen make for yawn producing passages -far from it! I ripped through the pages roaring with laughter.
But middle age hits and sends Jim and the reader on an unforgotten trip, a romp that centers on the often far from a Hallmark Card romance of online dating. DC Nympho? The Black Widow? Based on a true story, you truly can’t make this stuff up.
Playing amateur psychiatrist I found myself yelling aloud–“Noooooooo, don’t go back to her, she’s totally nuts!” at the same time thinking here’s the little boy in the man trying mightily to rescue the woman he loves, perhaps because he couldn’t save his mother.
“Hooked” by Jim Baugh is a rip roaring, sometimes raunchy, often times poetic and powerful read. You’ll have a blast between these covers.
Donna Bozza
5.0 out of 5 stars Read this one – You’ll be glad you did, November 6, 2012
Author, Penny Estelle
This review is from: Hooked: Based on the story of Jim Baugh Outdoors (Paperback)

Author, Jim Baugh, has a way with story telling. In Hooked, a story about his life, he tells it just like it was. I normally don’t read biographies, but I started this story and am very glad I did.

He tells about his life as a young boy and the adventures he had on the “rivah” with his dad, the Judge, and The Crew, the partiers! He tells about his home life, a mother with mental illness, to the stepmother, referred to as the THE BITCH FROM HELL!

The people throughout Jim Baugh’s life are many and EXTREMELY colorful – to call them characters is putting it mildly. Non-stop hilarious stories, with bits of heartbreak peppered in, keeps the reader turning those pages.

Read this one – you’ll be glad you did!

Penny Estelle

SANDYbigbaughredsaucepiFIVE STARS
Sandy Kearney
Hampton VA
Just finished reading Hooked. Great Book!! What a very funny and talented man!! He tells some of his lifes stories from childhood to adulthood. I laughed at his funny stories and was so moved by how his faith would get him through his sad stories. What a life of ups and downs. I am so glad that I read Hooked. I know now, how he became the very talented man that he is today. God Bless you Jim, and keep writing!!!!

evaReview by By Eva Winters, 5 stars

My first words about Hooked are WOW!
This is a really good read!

A bit about myself:
Being a girl from the East Coast of Virginia, Born in Norfolk, and having the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay as my playground all my life, (Mom told me I could swim before I could walk!) I was always under the impression I had salt water running through my veins! I enjoyed the pleasures of fishing with my father and step father for many years. I thought, (and still know) I was a pretty darned good “Fisherman”. I was crew for an offshore fishing team for years! When I wasn’t out on the water on the weekends, I was watching fishing shows on TV!!!
Yeah I had it bad for a girl!! :)

One Day in Downtown Hampton I met this man JIM BAUGH through a mutual friend. He seemed to be a nice guy and we sat and had a short cocktail with him at Marker 20. We met again a few times after that on and off throughout the years down at the piers behind the Raddison.
Recently, he started cooking up some of the best BBQ and Ribs down at an old restored Victorian Tea House In Phoebus. Talk about good eating and some of the best music around! This is one of Hampton’s best kept secrets and some of the best cooking I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting!!. While I was there, he told me about his book, The title was HOOKED and he explained it was about his life and adventures fishing. I was planning on buying that book right then, but he didn’t have any more available with him and told me I could purchase it online. It took me a while, but I finally purchased and began to read.

Oh My God!!!!! This poor man has been thru the mill from childhood and has had many exciting adventures, both in and out of the water all along the East Coast!!!! Producing and running his TV Show, traveling, getting married and having children and the ups and downs that come!! AMAZING! I have to say that King Neptune himself would be proud of what you have done and who you have become Jim! This book has made me laugh out loud, almost shot coffee out of my nose!! I have also cried so hard I couldn’t read anymore and HAD to re-coop!!!
I am glad to have had the chance to read this book and will highly recommend to to everyone. I couldn’t put it down!

See ya Friday evening at the Big Pink!!

Eva Winters.

Readers all over the world are sending in their comments about HOOKED: 

Finished reading Hooked last night :-)! Great read,,, I had mentioned that I loved your references to the magnolia tree throughout the book. Little did I know the depth and magnitude of its significance. That final chapter moved me to tears. In spite of all the fun times, rum, women, and frolic, you made a beautiful Christian testimony. To profess your faith in that manner is just incredibly powerful. Loved the whole book, Jim, but would actually read that final chapter aloud in church. It speaks to all about faith and trust.


P.S. Amazing Grace is a song that has had a significant impact on my life… got a little (a lot) teary as I sang to myself :-)>


Great Book!

Susan Willis Shelhart


I was able to finish it on the beach in Hatteras:) ending was awesome, seriously we have had some very close experiences, seriously!!!!!! (except for DC ), ending was a great tribute….

Chris Ball 


This book is full of surprises! It is the most entertaining book I have read since I can remember. Loved the dating stories, I laughed my behind off! Five stars all the Way!

Rosita DeMarzo



Jan Olds


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