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Excerpt form Ch. “King Of The Sea” from HOOKED

Off the northeast port side the dark skies plummeted down to the tips of the waves and there merged a wide waterspout. The ocean and cloudy sky above was now connected and the white marlin was racing through the tops of the waves like a bat out of hell. The captain pointed the boat southwest to divert from the waterspout. Unfortunately the spout did not help the sea conditions any.

The captain replied on the intercom, “Jim that is fine, but be careful and also pass this on to the crew below. I have been on the VHF and there is a charter boat from the northern fleet that is beginning to take on water. The Coast Guard has been notified and we are now heading in that direction in case they need assistance. We are on standby. If I flash the floodlights three times that means lines in immediately. Try to get that fish in ASAP.”

I replied, “Ok Captain. We will keep an eye on the floods. By the way, your bilge lights keep coming on down here on the circuit breaker panel.”

Captain says, “That’s fine Jim. We have a staged bilge system and that is just the service pump. No problem.”

 I said, “Captain, all three bilge lights are on. Do you have three service pumps?”

The captain flew downstairs, waved me aside and opened the flooded engine compartment. The raw water intake to the engine had come loose and the boat was flooding with water.

He quickly secured the hose by re-clamping the seacock with two clamps. Then the captain hit the switch to the mother of all bilge pumps. This thing could have raised the Titanic. After the water was pumped out the captain flew back up the ladder to the fly bridge just in time for the port side canvas to rip off. This let a lot of spray into the fly bridge, however was not going to stop the captain from fishing.



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  4. “Old fishermen never die, they just get a little ‘DINGY’? “Dingy” means dirty — did you mean “dinghy”?


  5. Yes, we found the missing H!!!!!!! LOL. Thanks!! We got a kick out of this by the way.
    Have a great day!
    Jim Baugh


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