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“Underwater Improv”

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Canyon and tunnel diving Cozumel Mexico with Ben Baugh Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2018

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via Canyon and tunnel diving Cozumel Mexico with Ben Baugh Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2018

HOOKED screenplay places top 100 Internatonal Screenwriters Association Screenplay Competition Hollywood CA

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promoTOP100aAnnouncement: Hollywood CA International Screenwriters Association (ISA) Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition has now posted it’s top 100 screenplays for 2017 and HOOKED by Jim Baugh and Donna Bozza made the cut. Finalist will be announced early December with $25,000 is prize money and entrance into the ISA Development Program. Many thanks to all the judges and readers at ISA!

Jim Baugh & Donna Bozza Bio: Jim and Donna are a husband and wife screenwriting team with over thirty years’ experience in writing and producing for television, three published books and over one thousand published articles and columns.




Good news from our Publisher!

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It is always great to hear form your book publisher with good news. HOOKED-Sales are up! Especially in the Ebook catagory. It is great to know that now after it’s release over 6 years ago, my first novel is still spreading like wildfire.

The really cool thing is not only are sales up in the United States, but in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Magnolia Tree continues to bloom!




Jim Baugh Kicks off the 2016 Author\Lecture Series Cape Charles Virginia

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Thanks to the Friends of Cape Charles Memorial Library for having me out to kick of their 2016 Author\Lecture Series at the Cape Charles Civic Center. We had a packed house with an enthusiastic crowd! General discussion included the history of the now 28 year old Jim Baugh Outdoors TV Series, my books Hooked and Aftermath, and we also had some funny discussion about my recent completion of the Hooked screenplay. It was nice to know that paperbacks are still in fashion because we sold out! I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. The only ones missing were the six people who were supposed to sit behind me. Thanks again. Tight lines and good reads! JB




New Reviews Posted-Screenplay Finished!

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Check out the new review from Washington DC’s Zebra Magazine in our Review section.




S c r e e n p l a y

Written by

Jim Baugh & Donna Bozza

“HOOKED” Screenplay is an adaptation of two of Jim Baugh’s popular books, Hooked and Aftermath. The general outline took 2  years, the script was written in three months and completed in March 2016. Final revisions and five script coverages took an additional six months.The project consisted of 115 drafts, many polishes and multiple table reads.  The final script was #120 and went to market mid December 2016. We will post results and developments here and the Jim Baugh Outdoors BlogSpot. Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Co-Writer Donna Bozza

(A brilliant writer and beautiful wife)

Also to writers Karen Jolly Davis, Chris Jacobson, and Novelist Joe Jackson for their reviews and critiques. and coverage. Much appreciated!

HOOKED Screenplay: Quotes from Producers, Publishers and Coverage Reviews 

“Memorable Southern iconic characters sprinkled throughout–especially the Judge and Tennessee Tim”

“This screenplay has promise as a film that looks at the life and times of a musician who wound up in a career in the outdoors community.”

“It’s Jim’s point-of-view that makes the story (and the nostalgia) work”

“The flashbacks were nicely handled as well the montage sequences that collapsed the chronology—they had a nice visual life to them.”

“The dialogue sounded true to this reader’s ear—who’s lived the bulk of his life in the South.”

“The romantic ending is nice–although Donna seems perhaps too good to be true.”

“A good read especially the site specific VA references and some of the more picturesque characters.”

“A hilarious adaptation of both books Hooked and Aftermath. This film I will go see!”
“Script is well-written, very colorful, and interesting characters.”



Check out the new review from Washington DC’s Zebra Magazine in our Review section.

Book signing and Screenplay discussion

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