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2014 A note to myself







2013 shall be gone forever

like a lot of things during that year.
Loss is a necessary ingredient for gain.

Fortunately the sea retreats with an
Outgoing tide, only to bring in a new one.
In our case, a much better one.

The last two years have harvested new and lasting friendships.
Never have I been closer to my family and friends.
A new year, a new start for all of us, and what will that bring?

For my two hands will be a further,
Stretching and outreaching every potential talent
The good Lord has invoked in me.
To use my borrowed talents to their fullest
in an honest attempt to aid the greater good.

A new year, a blessed opportunity to contribute more.
Divine dissatisfaction, my mantra. I always can do better.
Not utilizing our God given talents to their fullest does not please our maker.
For this reason, I will do more. All I can.

Grateful for the blessings and many miracles that I have been
fortunate to receive, and receive them daily with every breath.
2014 will bring more directions, challenges, opportunities and life changing events.

Grateful am I for all.

Throughout their lifetime, the love and support of my two children I hold dearly.
My better half Ms Donna, has shown me the powerful combination of love, commitment, integrity, and Christianity. I look forward to what is in store on our path.

A New Year.

Jim B.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3:1


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