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Outer Banks Avon Pier Fights to Stay Open, NPS Shuts them down.

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Popular private Outer Banks Avon fishing pier fights to stay open, NPS shuts them down today.


Jim Baugh


Recently I read where the fine folks at Avon fishing pier were going to open their business regardless of the Government Shutdown. I certainly thought this to be a pretty brave and spirited thing to do and wanted to find out more about the situation.

Today I spoke with Christian Matthews of the Avon fishing pier and got the lowdown. She said that the pier is privately owned and opened to the public as a business. However it is on federal land. So there is no real way for people to access the pier because they would have to cross federal land to get to a public locality. This same exact issue is happening at other locations around the country. On the Eastern Shore of VA, the wildlife refuge has a very popular public boat ramp and marina heavily utilized by watermen who make their living fishing these waters. However it is located on federal property. So, anyone can see the huge problem that this causes.

Not only are the fine folks who are furloughed not getting a pay check, but the private businesses are getting no business at all. The worst of it is the government may reimburse furloughed employees, but there is no way to pay back the private businesses that lost 100% revenue.

One thing that fuels this fire for the anglers and commercial fisherman is that this time of year is one of the busiest times, especially the fall season on the Outer Banks. As it stands now, this revenue that is lost will not be repaid by our government.

The National Park Service got wind that Avon Pier was going to reopen and as of 5 a.m. this morning they showed up at the pier and made sure it was shut down. They said that if the pier attempts to reopen the fines will start immediately. Hats off to the NPS for not fining them for reopening and instead giving them an initial warning.

Ms Matthews said they are working hard to rectify the situation -however it does not look like anything much can be done.

Certainly this is a huge mess and the entire country is up in arms. Hopefully out of this there could be some legislation written so that in the future if a public business can only be accessed by federal land the business can remain open, or the government can pay back these private businesses for the revenue they lost.

For the moment I hope that all sportsman will very much support these businesses like the Avon pier once things re-open. Helping and supporting them could help make up for lost revenues.

Here is what maybe should happen to all federal politians to help wake them up.


Tight Lines,

Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED





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  1. Rick Dunn Kitty Hawk,NC

    This is totally ridiculous !!! NPS lives here and knows its a private business so turn the other cheek and let the people fish Do they really think Washington will know ? Its obvious that the Govt. is oblivious as to what the OBX thrives on !!


  2. If the federal government gives back pay to these animals that have caused complete and total collapse of this island’s economy, then we all need the federal government to pay our SBA loans and payroll’s of workers that we have had to law off because of this childish behavior in DC.


  3. i dont understand this,there are no goverment employees,its run privately owned.does any one know how much of that land is federal,when there are federal holidays the pier dont shut down,,,this is truly confusing!! feel very sorry for all,,, peoples livilyhood depend on them being able to pay their bills,its like the goverment wants people to fail!!!! hang in there people i hoping this will bring a new and better politians,,, because i hope all these fools will be voted out of office and brought down a peg or two,,no more giving themselves pay raises,let the people vote on their raise,based on their performace just like the public,there is so much that over the years the politians have taken advantage of and it needs to stop ,,,now!


  4. It is NOT the government, it is the Obama administration that is making these decisions!! Don’t be fooled!!!


  5. My biggest fear in all this is that someone will get hurt. Some innocent furloughed park ranger trying to secure a gate at some park, and some crazed canoeist go head to head about who’s land is what, what rights, etc. This is my biggest fear that this will lead to possible violent behavior and that would be horrendous. First thing I did when I was politely escorted off a local park while biking, I called my son in Denver Colorado. My son is a highly experienced white water kayak captain who has paddled some of America’s best and most exciting waters. I told him to stay away from ALL federal parks until this thing passes. It is not worth the trouble. Last thing any of us wants is someone to get hurt over the current political situation in Washington. He agreed. Hopefully this will all be over very quickly but for now, keep calm and stay away from any federal parks. And if you think we have it bad, yesterday the feds starting closing the southern ocean in Florida. Still. In the future there should be some amendment that if a private business open to the public is accessed only by federal property, in the event of a shutdown the buiz can still operate. That is only fair.


  6. I guess the government will still want to collect taxes from these businesses . Maybe this loss of money should be shown on income taxes . Obama wants to make the American people feel the pain when he doesn’t get his way .


  7. I thought we the people owned these things isn’t the government purchases bought with our tax dollars


  8. Violent behavior is the only thing that is going to spur change. It’s called a revolution and yes violence is involved.


  9. Solution? Today, on the National Mall, which has been shut down since Oct 1, there is an immigration rally with over 10,000 attendee’s. This exemption is granted because the administration states it’s a 1st Amendment issue. SO… If you want to fish the pier, or work the pier, just carry a sign promoting a cause! Mine would be impeach those that deny the U.S. citizen access to THEIR property! Federal lands are owned by the people!



    If this restaurant in Yorktown Va can open on Federal Land, why can’t Avon pier be open too?


  11. And why is the golf course at Andrews AFB open?


  12. HA! My comment is awaiting moderation…what about freedome of speech!


  13. Thanks for your comment Pat.
    We only edit comments if they contain harsh language, which they rarely do. We approve comments in the order in which they come in. Yours was approved as soon as it came into our moderation Q.
    Our hours are from 9 to 5 eastern standard time and closed on weekends and holidays.
    Thanks again for your support and comment.

    Division of moderation.
    The A Team


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