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Leap of Faith Quit Your Job and Live On A Boat \ Book Review by Jim Baugh

“Leap of Faith” Quit your job and live on a boat

Ed Robinson

Book Review


Jim Baugh


Coming in at 128 pages this work could be considered a novella or a novel but best characterized as a memoir. With so much more subject matter to write about I can only hope Author Ed Robinson treats us with a second book!

This is a true story and one that I can relate to very well. In Ed’s world, he and his lovely wife decided on their dream, sell it all, save, save, save, buy a boat and live on it, and do so in beautiful blue waters. Not a bad idea at all. Ed lays out their financial plan on how to get out of dept and live the freedom life of no worries, except how to keep the boat afloat.

Now, we all have certain expectations of a book before we read it. I figured this memoir would be chocked full of hilarious stories of giant sea faring characters that would keep you in stitches for the entire read. I am happy to say, that this is not one of those reads. It is much more!

To be honest, Ed it the nail on the head so hard in chapter 7, “Dept Free Equals Freedom” and chapter 8, “Save, Save, Save”. I recommend everyone in the USA to buy this book and read it if for nothing else, these two chapters. If you follow Ed’s brilliant advice, your life will be forever changed and all for the better. I can relate to this life strategy because I recently have done similar to what Ed has done. Rid myself of all dept, and not get back into the rat race of keeping up with the Jones. The book clearly lays out how ANYONE can get out of dept and live with forever freedom. This was a great read and think it is awesome that this couple changed their lives so positively by doing just some simple adjustments in how they live their life.

To be honest not everyone’s life dream is to live on a boat. I did it on and off for 10 years. Five of those 10 years I lived aboard full time on a 36 foot Trojan. Living on a boat one certainly does meet a lot of interesting characters, many of which I wrote about in my novel HOOKED. It is an exciting life and yes, one will have a new found appreciation for weather, and a weather radio while living on your floating palace. The truth is that this story is of course interesting however readers should know that if you have no interest in the water at all, you still will find some very valuable lessons from reading these pages.

The underlying theme is about relationships and living dept free. In this case Ed and his wife Kim set a good example of how couples should behave towards each other regarding respect, love, communication and friendship.

I give Ed and Kim five stars for setting out a financial plan that works, working and living together in such a positive way, and faring seas that certainly can rock the boat.

There are some laughs in the book. My favorite was when Ed Realized that in real life, those boats that he was looking at on Yachtworld, don’t look like they do in the pictures. WOW did that one hit home. Photoshop can make over any boat, just like new!

“Leap of Faith” is a memoir that will inspire and educate the reader, even if your life dream is to live in Kansas growing corn.

Available on Amazon.

Tight lines, Fair Seas,


Jim Baugh

Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Author of HOOKED



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