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HOOKED latest on film option

HOOKEDHi fellow authors! Here is a film option update about HOOKED. Passing on this info for other authors that are interested in optioning their work. First up, my initial thought was to have HOOKED optioned, then have a possible shot at the screenplay. I have made some breakthroughs on the west coast, one was Alexendar Paynes group. I actually got HOOKED threw the door, signed the non-solicit waiver and they took a look at it for possible film project. They do very few films but good ones, (Sideways, etc) we did not exactly fit their target so they ended up passing. Since then I have been pounding the pavement and as the big eye in the sky would have it, I had a pretty good breakthrough yesterday. Here is the deal.

I managed to get a director on the phone, major, major, major studio, one of the top three. (not mentioning names-but we all know this guy!) I am not sure why he even took my call. Maybe he was in the bathroom bored and somehow they patched me through to his cell phone by mistake.

This director got so interested in HOOKED he got online and was reading reviews while I was pitching him. The bottom line was this, he said this does sound unique and something that is gonna make a great film, and wanted to look at the screenplay.

But….. I don’t have a screenplay. He told me to write one, and send to him when done.

So I decided to write the screenplay starting next week and give it a shot. Now! While I am typing this I get a call from a large literary agent asking for more info on HOOKED because they may want to option it for film.

Ok! So now what do I do! Simple, write the screenplay regardless. Having both the play and novel puts the author in a much better bargaining position. So I will work with this Lit agent and see what happens, but do so while writing the screenplay.

Here are the facts, an Amazon best seller like mine is only going to bring low end dollars up front in an option deal, lets say anywhere from a few bucks to a few thousand dollars. A sold screenplay even by union standards starts at 50k and usually brings 90k to 100k. Established screenplay writers can get a million, or millions, and never even have the movie made.

So with the different directions that are available for HOOKED, the best route is to write the screenplay regardless. This will be my first screenplay but have a lot of support to get threw this writing. My short form writing skills due to my years in television is probably better than my long form anyway. So we will see. Most novelist make lousy screenplay writers, but my background is in television. One thing is for sure, this screenplay will be hilarious!! I get to put in even more funny!!!

Anyway, that’s where the film option buiz stands. It’s out there, but we as authors and producers may sell ourselves short by not having screenplay in hand.

At least that is what has been instructed to me thus far.

Stay Tuned!!


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