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Get your summer read on NOW!! Before you hit the beach, get the read that will keep you laughing so hard you will have to flag down the cabana boy!

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 bestsellcoverSMJuly marks the two year anniversary of the release of my first novel HOOKED published by Solstice Publishing. Lots has happened in the two years including reaching best seller status on Amazon. #28 contemporary romance, not bad considering the millions of books out there. We have made some decent headway in the film option department with Hollywood. Keeping in mind the importance of attaching the right producer for the right story is a task that we are handling very carefully. We should have more news regarding film options over the next six months. All reviews have been five star except for one four star review. HOOKED is available in Ebook, paperback and audio book.

I have had a LOT of readers keep asking me, “Is it all true?” Fortunately for me, truth is always more hilarious and stranger than fiction. Yes, this tale is all true with the exception of getting remarried and living in Key Largo. However I am working hard at making that one come true to!! LOL

Writing HOOKED was a tremendous undertaking, it was a busy 12 days of writing and close to five months of editing. I had so much funny useable material I had enough to write my second novel, COOKED, which I am working on now. The first chapter is a hilarious story about Jim’s BBQ how it got started and also the full and complete JBBQ recipe secrets for the best BBQ you will ever have. Other stories include mostly cooking stories from Jim Baugh Outdoors TV including one uproarious tale about the Cousteau Ship Alcyone and our filming on board the ship.

Please, read our reviews, they are posted here, on Amazon and at other retailers as well. You will not find a better beach read!

Tight Lines, good reads and good eats!

Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED



Jim Baugh, son of a hanging moss southern judge as his father before him, escapes the 1960’s. Survives his mother’s electric shock therapy, out of body severe delusional schizophrenic mental illness. Grows to become a father, degreed touring pianist, & successful sea faring television producer in the 80’s. With fame, Key West, Corvettes and offshore boats in hand, Baugh is then thrown into the uproarious bizarre new millennium insane world of mid life computer dating, all the while being chased by the Black Widow, Mafia Princess, and DC Nympho. Salvation rescues Baugh spiritually by the faith of a luminous angelic blooming effervescent Magnolia tree whispering shore side the eroding southern tides of the Chesapeake Bay. Miracles do happen every day…..and sometimes you can watch them grow.


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