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“SPAM JIM” It’s not just for dinner anymore! Funny and true story about being hacked.

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SPAMjim“Spam Jim” It’s not just for dinner anymore! Funny and true story about being hacked. 

Ok, now I know that this has happened to some of you. It has happened to me twice, and have changed passwords each time on my email accounts. 

Evidently there is another “Jim” who is living a much better life than me, I call him,

”SPAM JIM”. “SPAM JIM” is on vacation in Europe partying in Italy where he got mugged and is now asking all his email contacts for emergency money. All the while “SPAM JIM” is parting hard at the American Embassy with his buds. 

Now, I am not even on my computer, it is shut down for the weekend, then all of the sudden I start getting phone calls, text messages, and emails about “SPAM JIM”. 

My beautiful girlfriend calls on the phone, “Jim, what the heck is this? You are partying in Tuscany and you did not even invite me!!!!????” Big Laughs Follow. 

My wonderful X wife Nancy calls, “Jim, what’s up??? I thought you were crying about no money and yet your gallivanting around Europe, getting robbed in Italy and partying at the Embassy????” Big Laughs follow. 

Next, the X fiancé calls on the phone. “Jim, what the hell??? You said you would always take me!!! And you are at the Embassy????” Big Laughs Follow. 

Now, a lady I have not talked to for four years calls, I had briefly dated this lady years ago when I was single. “Jim, it has been a while. Just wanted you to know I have my check book out and was getting ready to write a check, then I noticed in this e mail you sent that you misspelled, HORRIBLE”. Big Laughs Follow. 

Next from my publisher of my best selling novel HOOKED. “Jim, I got this strange e mail from you stating you were in Italy and needed money. Thought something was strange because in the email HORRIBLE was misspelled. I know you to be a great writer and just knew you would not make this mistake”. 

Now this one I really got a kick out of, because if I had sent the e mail, I could of misspelled any number of words. You see what she does not know is I am a bit dyslexic, and for over thirty years I spell all of my copy phonetically because it helps with my voice over work. My phonetic spelling looks something akin to hieroglyphics penned with a faded perma marker. So although I did not send this email, I appreciate my publisher thinking I was a good speller. Still laugh on that one. 

Next, I get a message from my old friend well known popular musician Robin Thompson. “Ahhhhhh Jim??? What’s up dude, you in Italy????” Big Laughs Follow. 

And the list goes on. Thanks everyone for their concern and sorry my email got hacked, but have fixed it. 

This is what I want to say. To set the record straight I am a poor struggling television producer, novelist, close up magician, decent concert pianist and a restaurateur hauling and smoking pig buts. One penny at a time, in this economy that is what it takes, and it is hard. That is my life for the moment, however………. 

I hope my family and friends will not mind if I live vicariously through, “SPAM JIM”!!!! I mean, THAT Jim has it going on!! Vacationing in Europe, partying at the Embassy, eating great Italian food, and having his girlfriend hopping on the next plane to join him.

Who cares if “SPAM JIM” got robbed, they were fake credit cards anyway and “SPAM JIM” never carries cash. 

I mean, I LOVE “SPAM JIM”!! This dude has got the life. 

If you want to meet the real Jim Baugh, you may do so. My life though just is not as exciting and worldly as “SPAM JIM”. 

I would like to give credit to the spammers for giving credit where credit is not due, to me, the real hard working poor writer who one day will be successful enough to go join “SPAM JIM” for a party in Italy hosted by the American Embassy. 


And….. All of you will be invited,,,, by email of course. LOL!!

Yours truly,

The real,

Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED

Pitmaster Victorian Station JBBQ


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  1. Your alter-ego sure is having fun.


  2. Tell me about it. I want to be THAT guy!!


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